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Our Family
December 2013

Monday, February 6, 2012

Emma: 21 Months

Dear Emma,

21 Months?!?! That can't be right! Believe me, I went back and recounted several times just to make sure that was right!

Some of my favorite things that you do right now are:
  • give your puppy to almost anyone that comes over to sort of break the ice between you (though I think it's just to make sure they don't put their hands on you!)
  • If Daddy or I go upstairs to do something you'll announce, "I come! I coming!" and follow us up
  • Get the Halloween costume magazine and the One Step Ahead magazine out of the basket and look through it just like you are reading this week's gossip magazine
  • If you want people to follow you, you'll turn around and tell them, "C'mon" and wave your chubby little hand at them
  • Screaming with excitement and run all around like a crazy person as soon as you hear the garage door opening when Daddy gets home from work!
  • Randomly getting the urge to dance when you hear certain songs (ex. I'm Sexy and I Know It). You'll yell "music", "sing", or "dancing" and start breaking it down
  • That you actually still like for me to do your hair "pretty".  If I ask, you'll tell me yes and run upstairs. When it's done, you have to come and show everyone and tell them "pretty" and rub it which then sometimes leads to it having to be redone again
  • Being in love with Elmo. You finally have a little interest in watching a show/movie and you are all about Elmo! You want it to start "sin" aka "again" just as soon as it's over.  (I could do without that part, but at least his songs are catchy!)
Some things you're doing that I wish you wouldn't:
  • Trying to get the Elmo movies out on your own and put them in the DVD player.  You already snapped the DVD from Santa when you were too impatient to wait!
  • Going in the cabinet and pulling out 64 wipes if I'm in the other room doing something.  You'll then leave about 63 of them laying out on the floor and just take 1 to "clean" everything in sight and wipe everything off with it.  I guess it's great that you're trying to be helpful. :-)
Some of your favorites:
  • Milk, puppy, blanket (we can't leave home without puppy and blanket ever), coloring, Elmo, dancing, going outside, wearing your princess high heels, pushing your babies in your stroller, french fries, Aiden, music, pancakes, Bentley (Aunt Kelly's doggy), babies
We love you big girl!!!


Reading her magazine...excuse the crazy hair!

21 Months Old

Hanging with Mommy...notice Elmo's on in the background...again!

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