Our Family

Our Family
December 2013

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day!

On Friday, Patrick came home from work and informed me that he was taking me out to dinner Saturday night.  Yay!!  When he told me that the kids weren't coming along, I was pretty surprised.  It's not an exaggeration when I say we never go out without the kids!  We've got maybe 2 or 3 people that we could ask to watch the kids, but I hate to feel like we are imposing so usually we just bring the kids along or go with take out.  Which is fine with me, by the way, because then I can eat in my comfy clothes!! :-)

The last time Patrick and I went out without either one of the kids was probably last winter.  Yes. I'm dead serious! I remember wearing a specific sweater and where we went to eat because I had just started Weight Watchers so it was a year ago!  And do you know what we did on that date...ate and then went kid free shopping!  Kid free shopping is awesome! You actually get to look at stuff and try stuff on without being in a big hurry.  So I knew exactly what I wanted to do after dinner this time!

He took me to McGlynn's for dinner and it was so yummy! I seriously think I could have eaten a whole second plate of food! It was snowing pretty hard when we left and I wasn't sure I felt like dealing with being out in the cold anymore, but I couldn't give up kid free shopping at Target! So I sucked it up and off we went.  

It was an awesome date night!! Being able to talk to Patrick throughout dinner about things we like to talk about and not having to correct someone every five minutes was awesome! And don't even get me started about having hot food! Heaven!! Then shopping! Sigh...

Thanks babe for the wonderful company and a date right up my alley!

I love you!! Happy Valentine's Day!!

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