Our Family

Our Family
December 2013

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

One Fun Christmas Gift

For Christmas, Aiden and Emma got a new trampoline from their Aunt Jen and Aunt Bailee.  It was to be a surprise so I had to try and keep them locked up inside with the blinds closed while Jen and Bailee got to work.  Aiden is a sneaky one though so he saw the picture on the box when they were carrying it around back.  He still promised to act surprised when he was allowed to go out and see it! :-)

It's a huge hit and both kids love it! I love that it's the perfect size for them and has the safety net around it to keep them locked up inside.  Aiden likes to bounce all around the place, sometimes knocking Emma down and no he doesn't always help her back up but she seems cool with it.  Emma loves to run around the outside of it where the blue part covers the springs. Smart girl, trying to get away from Aiden.
Emma's face shows the fun she's having! Love it!


Now, if only it would get and stay warmer outside so they could actually play on it more often!

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