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Our Family
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Friday, January 13, 2012

Y3W: Miss Ghetto America

This weekend Miss America comes on tv, for my cousins/friends and I that means it's time for Miss Ghetto America.  Each year, for the past 5 years we get together on this night and watch the real one and have our own pageant.  I've got to admit, it may sound silly, but it is one of the BEST nights of the year. 

We all have been given our "ghetto" nicknames.  "The Shiz" aka Aimee came up with this event and puts SO much work into it! My nickname is "Pookie D", Kelly is "Lil Mama", Kaye is "Glammie Grammie", and Candi is "The Candi Shoppe".

The smack talk of who is going to win lasts all year long. When we get to Miss Ghetto America's Pink Palace the pictures begin and the smack talk continues, as does the eating of all things junk food which are deemed calorie free for the night!

As it gets closer to show time we draw numbers for our draft picks. Then the "real" girls cards are laid out and we take turns picking "our girls".  When the show starts we have a board to keep our picks on until they get eliminated. Whoever picked the Miss America wins Miss Ghetto America and takes the crown. Yes, we have a real crown. This is serious people! 

Here are some pictures from last year, I wish I had some from all the years past on this computer, but I don't. 
Pictures of the past winners...see the one in the middle...that's me!!

Go Pookie D!
We all get our local titles as well, here is Miss Po-Po Ho

The Shiz was VERY pumped for this to start, unfortunately, she didn't take the crown...again!

All the Contestants before the show

My ladies (which were a bunch of losers by the way!)

Did The Shiz pick the winner?

The Candi Shoppe thinks she's got this
Lil' Mama wants to take the crown back home

Glammie Grammie showing off her picks

Here's the top 15 board, we pull them off as they get elimated...

And the loser crown (first out). Sadly Kelly and I shared this crown last year

My final walk as Miss Ghetto America 2010

The final 3 and Aimee's out...as you can see, it get SUPER serious at this point!!

And Miss Ghetto America 2011 is Glammie Grammie

Posing with the girls

And the official catch phrase and winner's shirt

And because I have to include my winning moment...
MGA 2010...Miss Baby Mama Drama

I love this night!!! It is SO much fun!! And this year that crown is coming back home with me!!! Stay tuned for lots of pictures of our night!

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