Our Family

Our Family
December 2013

Monday, January 30, 2012

Yep. I'm that Mom.

Aiden had a sleepover Saturday night with his best friend, Hunter.  Sunday morning I was missing him like crazy.  The house seemed so empty without hearing him!  Emma missed him too.  She just kept saying, "Aiden, Aiden". She just couldn't understand where the heck he was!

This makes me realize that I am that mom.  I am probably always going to be too involved in my kids' lives, not like that weird freak way though!  I'm never going to go on trips or vacations without them because I'll miss them too darn much, and what kind of a vacation is it if you can't have your kids with you?  I'll always try to make everything better, even though sometimes it's just outta my control.  Most likely, I'll always spoil them, even though I promise I'll try to not make them self-centered, spoiled brats (like I see on Dr. Phil)!

I promise I'll try not to become that overbearing, annoying mom so that my kids can't stand to be around me.  But just sitting here when I had not seen Aiden for the couple of hours he would have been awake Sunday morning, makes me realize...I am that mom.  Hope my kids are okay with that! :-)

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