Our Family

Our Family
December 2013

Monday, January 23, 2012

First Snow of 2012

This week I'm going to try and catch up with some old posts that I had thought to do. Let's see if I can do this and get back on track!

On January 5 we got our first official "snow" of 2012. I put it in quotes because it really was a dusting, but to my kids it was about 5 inches and they insisted we go out and play in it.  How can I argue with cute? I can't. So as soon as we got up, I had to bundle them up and head outside before it all melted!

I know Aiden loves the snow. He'd play in it for hours if you'd stand out there with him. Emma? I was pretty sure she would hate it. I mean, who likes being cold and wet?! I was wrong.  She loved it too! She didn't love when it got on her gloves.  She would look at me and tell me, "Dirty" and then I had to clean them all off.  One thing she didn't like...her gloves. I mean, really?? Who makes gloves or mittens really with no thumbs??? I wouldn't like that either!

Here's some pictures from their fun outside!

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