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Our Family
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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Christmas 2011

We had an awesome Christmas this year! Santa, Patrick and I really went a tad overboard, but isn't that how Christmas is supposed to be??

I was the first one up Christmas morning, which is a surprise because I'm usually the last one lately! It wasn't long before Aiden was up and I spied him peeking down the stairs as I was on my way to the bathroom. I sent him to wake Patrick up and then we heard Emma.  Everyone was excited to see what Santa brought so we headed downstairs!
Em has no clue what's going on
"Wow!" was her response when she finally saw everything!
The Mario pillow and shopping cart were the first things that caught their eyes
And she's gone shopping...
After the initial wow's and Emma taking her cart for a stroll we got down to business. I took about a million pictures, don't worry I tried to narrow them down.  Emma got a lot of clothes and babies/baby stuff (stroller, crib, bottles). This year she was really into opening her presents.  She would rip off tiny pieces and then hand them to us to throw away. And she's such a girl that when she found her necklace and hair bows in her stocking, we had to stop and immediately put them on! :-)

Aiden also had a great Christmas and got all kinds of stuff! Santa came through and got him the 3 things he wanted the most: a talking Lightning McQueen, a color changing Lightning McQueen, and a DS!  He wasn't too impressed with his new clothes unless they came with SpongeBob or Mario on them.
A fire power Mario was in his stocking!
Insisting we stop and put on one of her new hair bows
All dolled up
Going through stockings
Hanging out in her new princess tent
Here's some trash
Opening presents
He liked something a lot!
Christmas morning
Em's too busy for pictures
Checking out her new clothes
Sitting in her new chair opening presents
Aiden was very excited to show Emma what he picked out for her
His talking Lightning McQueen
Good little Mommy
What is it, Aiden?
A DS!!!!!!
Taking her babies shopping
Aiden picked out Mario pajamas to give to Patrick : )
It took forever to open all those gifts.  Here's what Emma thought about being done and having no more to open...

Is that perfect or what??

After presents we were able to hang out and play with their toys before heading to my grandmothers.  We were planning on heading over to the cemetery to visit Mom & Kevin but after opening gifts there just wasn't enough time and it was probably better to keep this as a happy day.

Here's a couple pictures of the kids in their Christmas outfits before we headed out.
Handsome Aiden
Pretty Emma
I love this one!
She's more interested in his feet
And now he's gotta check her out
Funny face time!
The Christmas Grouch!
Merry Christmas (2011) 

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