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Our Family
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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Christmas Eve 2011

Shew! I guess I've taken some sort of break from blogging.  While it's a great way to keep track of things for myself and the kids, it's tough to keep up with sometimes.  I usually sit down one day and write everything that I'm going to for the week, that way when that day comes around, I just need to post it, no brain work required.  Every time I've thought about sitting down to write anything since Christmas I'll just tell myself, I'll do it later.  I've always been a bit of a procrastinator!!

So here we go...I'm finally getting around to blogging again.  Let's hope this isn't just a one time thing! :-)

Christmas has always been super busy for us, running all around to three different houses, not including doing our own Christmas here.  With the kids getting older, it just doesn't seem fair to pull them away from all of their Christmas goodies Santa brought them to run all around so we decided to try and start a new Christmas tradition...have my in-laws over here Christmas Eve and have our Christmas with them.

When every one came over we ate dinner, ran our mouths, and then after the kids insisted we opened the presents!!  Here are a couple pictures from the night!
Putting out the reindeer food before everyone got here
Putting out the reindeer food before everyone got here

Patrick after getting his eat on


Brotherly Love

Yam's ready to watch the kids open presents

Aunt Bailee and Uncle Jon


Opening his gift from Papa

Opening her gift from Papa

A cool camping expedition set!

Rock Band Elmo!

She loves him!

I see you, Aiden!

A little of the chaos
Em's cool car ramp from Grampy

Grampy got Aiden the Batman toy he wanted

Roz opening presents

A new panini maker...yum!!
 It was awesome having them over Christmas Eve! Then they were able to stay and watch the kids play with their new toys. Things weren't rushed at all! Yay!

After they went home it was time to get Santa's cookies ready, take pictures by the tree and get to bed so Santa could come!!!
Picking out the perfect cookies for Santa

Aiden's letter to Santa

Christmas Eve 2011

Christmas Eve 2011

Em had to take her new dolly to bed with her

And Aiden insisted on sleeping in his new tent
Overall, it was a great night to be followed by a great day! Let's hope it doesn't take me so long to get that post done!!!

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