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Our Family
December 2013

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Aubrey's Loves to Eat

You may have seen here that Aubrey had her first taste of rice cereal (from the spoon) when she turned 4 months.  At first she seemed to like it, but the next day not so much.  I thought maybe it was just that she was super hungry and getting frustrated that she couldn't quite get it in her mouth like she wanted.  It absolutely was not that she wasn't ready for it. She can hold herself up and she'll watch you like a hawk while your eating and try to grab it if she's in your lap.  This yucky rice cereal was not her fav.

We tried for several days and every day was a battle.  She'd cry and scream and turn her head and I swear a couple of times she tried to smack the spoon so that it would fly all over me.  It just wasn't worth the fight so we decided to move along to foods.  The doctor told us to start them with her about a month after the cereal, but you know your baby best and she was ready to move along.

On December 16th we tried out sweet potatoes for the first time.  Things went over much better! At first she was crying and yelling because she thought it was the cereal, but after a bite she realized it wasn't and things went much more smoothly!
 Since then she's tried peas (which she loved the first time she tasted them and not so much after that), squash (that's been a big hit but I think it may give her gas :( ), and she got to taste mashed potatoes for Christmas.  She didn't want too many bites of that, but she devoured the spoon on the bites she did take.

Yum! Yum! I'm just afraid that once she discovers the world of fruits, she'll never want the veggies again!

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