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Our Family
December 2013

Thursday, January 31, 2013

First Snowfall of 2013

This past weekend we finally got enough snow to play in (maybe an inch, inch and a half?) and it happened to be Aubrey's very first time in the snow as well. The kids, well the older two, were super excited to get out and play in it. Me? All I think of is the 30 minutes of having to bundle them up and then all the mess to clean up afterwards, but they had to go out and they had to go out early before it had the chance of melting! So we all got bundled up and headed out for some fun!
 As soon as we got outside, Aiden was off!
 And Aubrey was trying to figure out what the heck was going on, but she seemed to like it.
Emma decided right away that she wanted to be the one to pull Aubrey in her sled.
Aiden wanted to have a snowball fight as soon as he saw the first flake fall from the sky, so the boys got right on that.
Aiden then saw that the trampoline was covered with snow!
While he was jumping, it gave me a chance to pull Aubrey in the sled. As you can see, she loved it!
Next it was time for snow angels, or snow princesses if you're Emma.  Aiden was too fast for me and was done his by the time I got my camera ready.
Emma doesn't usually like to get her hands dirty and she thought it was funny that her hands were covered with snow!
It was starting to get really cold and Aubrey started to just stare off into space and not move.  Could have been that it was nap time, could have been that she was starting to freeze. I decided that it was time for the little miss and I to head back inside, but before we could go, Aiden wanted his turn to pull her around the yard.
 Of course before we went back inside, it was time to get a quick picture of the kids together in the snow. The first several weren't so great because Em wiped her eye with her glove, causing drama because she got snow in her eye. :-) I think we finally got one that will work for our Aubrey's 1st snow/first snow of 2013.
I knew Aiden would love the snow, he always does...
but I wasn't so sure how Emma would feel about it. Turns out she loves it too!
Here's to hoping we get just a little more to play in again before the season is over.  Afterall, we did go out and buy new boots...

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