Our Family

Our Family
December 2013

Friday, January 11, 2013

Christmas Eve 2012

For the past couple of years we've tried to calm the Christmas time running around down.  It's exhausting to run all day long and it's really tough for the kids who are so excited about their Christmas presents, but they aren't home at all to play with them.  In order to try and cut down we have my in-laws over on Christmas Eve to have our Christmas with them and then Christmas day, we mostly stay at home to do our own thing and then have dinner with my family.  I love it.  We don't feel rushed and actually get to enjoy the time we're spending with our family.

Before everyone got here, we went out and sprinkled the reindeer food on the front lawn.  The kids take this pretty seriously and make sure that it's all spread out really well! Then it was back inside to wait for everybody.

Emma hanging with her Daddy
Our little ones on Christmas Eve

Sampling a cookie before everyone arrives
Excuse the funky chocolate in Aiden's teeth! He couldn't stay away from it!
Aubrey doesn't get the big deal, she'd rather snooze
Once everyone was here, we ate meatball sandwiches, fries, and lots of stuff that's fattening! {My favorite part of Christmas!} Then we watched an old family video from the year or 2 before Patrick's mom passed away.  It was pretty funny to see Patrick as a 12 or 13 year old. :-) The best part of Patrick? He got a Champion sweatshirt to which he yelled, "This rules!!!" Hahahaha!It was fabulous! Another great part was getting to see and hear his mom.  I never got the chance to meet her and it was really nice to hear her voice and to show the kids who she was. 

Finally it was time to get down to business and let the kids open their presents!
Grampy and Aunt Bailee
Rosalynn, Gigi Forey, Uncle Jon, Aunt Jen
She was so happy about this pillow pet!
Hot Wheels. For the wall.  Thanks Grampy.
This has been one of his favorite gifts, a remote controlled helicopter from Papa
Emma showing Aubrey her outfit from Papa
His reaction to seeing the helicopter flying :-)
Clearly, he thinks it's fab!
Once the family left it was time to get in our pj's and set Santa's cookies out.

After a thousand few pictures in front of the tree, it was off to read The Night Before Christmas and then get into bed so Santa could come!!

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