Our Family

Our Family
December 2013

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Christmas 2012

(First I have to say, our kids are awesome! They are both usually very impatient and Christmas morning they were so great!)

Patrick was the first to wake up Christmas morning. He woke up suddenly and realized that he had forgotten to put a gift (an easel) together from Santa.  Darn it! He told me that he was gonna run downstairs and hopefully get it put together before the kids woke up.  If they woke up while he was building it, it would just have to be from us.  You can't sneak downstairs long in this house before one of the kids comes to find you.  I swear, they must have a radar in their rooms or something.  Yup, Aiden busted him.  Surprise!  I was actually up before all the kids too.  This never happens.  I guess I was just too excited! Once I was up, I heard Aubrey start to stir and then Emma rolled in.  Normally, kids would want to race downstairs and start ripping the paper off the presents.  Our were awesome enough to wait for us to feed Aubrey first.  I told them I didn't want to miss them opening anything because I was feeding her and they were good with it.  I told you they were awesome.

Once she was done it was time to head downstairs and see what Santa brought! (**Disclaimer~our kids are super spoiled and lucky, I know.  We just can't help it. And? I try to start early and then forget about things I already bought. Oops!)
We always start with stockings. So that was up first!
Then it was onto presents! You know that I took no less than 300 pictures so I'll just try to include a couple of the kids favorite gifts they asked for. :-)

Doc McStuffins Toys
Yay! Minnie toys
Showing Aubrey how to rip the paper
She got her princess undies! This is what she told everyone that asked what she wanted. :)
That's a happy boy!
The Krusty Krab something or another :)
One of my favorite parts? Getting Aiden's gifts from the Secret Santa Workshop at school.  You should know what that is, I remember it from when I was in school.  Your parents send in money and you get to pick special things for them. They wrap it up (in a nice plastic bag) and you give it to your family on Christmas.  I just love to see the thoughtfulness that the kids have when it's all on them to pick and choose things that you'd like. <3 And they are so proud of the gifts they choose. It just makes me smile.

He picked a football for Patrick b/c he knows he likes football. <3
Emma attacked him with a hug when she saw hers. :) I think she loved it!
A beautiful necklace, ring, and pink crayon eraser for Em
Showing Aubrey the "chew toy" as he calls it, that he bought for her
She play with that star for awhile!
He chose a pretty purple ring for me <3
Emma and I modeling our rings from Aiden
I love that boy. I will cherish that ring forever.

Next, it was presents from Mommy and Daddy.  These presents are mostly clothes. Boo! They just mostly get thrown over the shoulder.  At least from Aiden. Em was excited about some of them.  :)

Once everything was opened for the kids it was time to opened Patrick and I's gifts to each other.  Patrick did amazing this year! He picked out a bunch of clothes and not only were they cute, but they all actually fit! I don't think that's ever happened! Good job, babe! :-)

Then it was time to get down to opening the toys and playing before we headed to my grandmother's for dinner.

Aubrey getting her check-up from Doc McEmma
Aiden getting a little help from Daddy with his new DS game
Teacher Aiden...and "Joney" was being naughty and got his name on the board
Talking to Spooky, the electronic fish.  Awesome! No food required! :)
Playing with her new octopus
The naked chef
One krabby patty coming right up!
Finally, it was time to get dressed up for Christmas dinner at my grandmother's house.  Before we could leave, we had to take a few pictures in front of the tree. 

 And the girls Christmas jammies, because they're too cute not to share!

And Aubrey had a surprise for us once we got home..

Pausing to nibble on her finger
And over she went! 
She's quite proud of herself!
 I hope that your family had a wonderful holiday as well!

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