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Our Family
December 2013

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Aubrey's First Time with Cereal

After we had Aubrey's doctor's appointment on Thursday, December 6th we discovered it was time for her to start rice cereal! Poor baby probably could have started it earlier, but she seemed happy with her bottles so...oops!

We gave her her first bowl that night for dinner.  She seemed to do pretty well with it.  Of course, her little tongue pushed most of it out but after shoving it back in her mouth, she got a lot down.  And she seemed to think it was okay.  Actually, she should be used to the taste since we've been putting it in her bottle.  I know the consistency is different though and that sort of threw her at first.  She did make a couple of funny faces with the first few bites, but then she was ready to get down to business!
Aubrey first bite of cereal
She was not impressed with the first bite!
Ugh! This stuff is horrible!!
Pushing the cereal out of her mouth
Such a big girl!
Mommy, I made a big mess!!
First time eating cereal!

I love those messes little faces! :-)

The next morning we tried giving her more.  This time, she was not liking it so much.  She had a couple "bites", but seemed more frustrated because she just wanted to eat! That and I'm thinking she doesn't feel great after getting her 3 shots at the doctor the day before.  So we gave up and just did the bottle.  She's like her mommy when it comes to eating so from here out, I'm thinking we'll do the bottle first and then the cereal so at least she has something in her belly so she won't get angry so fast! :-)

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