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Our Family
December 2013

Friday, June 7, 2013

Happy Birthday Aiden!

Dear Aiden,

     On this day 6 years ago, our lives forever changed when a beautifully perfect baby boy arrived (in quite a hurry).  {You can read about that adventure here.} 6 years. I still have to stop myself and think before I tell someone how old you are because I just cannot believe how big you are.  I know everyone always says it, but it really does seem to have flown by all in an instant.
You, 6 years ago - June 7, 2007
     There are times when I look at you  and you'll make a face or do something and and I am taken back a few years.  I can still see that sweet little boy with big chunky thighs toddling around getting into all sorts of stuff and saying all kinds of sweet and funny things. The little boy that insisted on "rocking wiff Mommy" every night before you'd get into bed, who would cling to us in an unfamiliar situation or screamed and cried for us when we first dropped you off at daycare.  Now that you're 6? You are a big, brave guy and though you do still need us...it's not like it once was.  There were times when I dropped you off at school this year that if your friend, Ethan, was there, you'd forget to even turn around and wave bye.  And then there was the day that you told me you'd rather kiss me good-bye in the van so that you didn't have to do it in front of everyone.  I knew that day was coming, but I'd be lying if I said my heart didn't hurt a little that you were to that age already. You, being the sweet boy that you are, could tell I was a little sad and decided to give me a kiss the next day up at the doors instead of in the van.  Once you saw that it made me happy, that's what you continued to do each day.  Unless of course, Ethan was there! :-) Thank you for that. It made me extremely happy.

     You are the best big brother we could have hoped for for the girls.  You and Emma have your moments, don't get me wrong, but more times than not, you two are inseparable.  I still love watching you play or listening to your conversations when you think I'm not paying attention.  And Aubrey? You love to hold Aubrey (when she'll let you) and I love to watch your reaction when she learns something new.  You are always so proud of her.

     Speaking of proud...Daddy and I are SO proud of you!  You just finished up kindergarten (June 6, 2013) today.  You were an excellent student and always strived for perfection.  If you had a paper that you brought home and something was marked incorrect, you would have to erase it and fix it before we could see it. :) Ms. Stone was your teacher and you loved her. I can see why, she taught you so, so many things! In fact you told me once this year that you wanted to stay in kindergarten forever and that you knew if you did badly, you'd have to stay there again next year so that was your plan. :-)  I'm glad you were too smart for that plan to work out! You made a few good friends while you were in kindergarten this year too.  We often heard stories about Ethan, Joshua, Cole, Seth, and Madison. I really hope that a couple of them end up in your class again next year. You aren't very happy that school is over for the summer because you know that when you go back you'll have a new teacher and classmates.  You'll be just fine! No worries!
     You love to do so many things! You love to ride your bike! Daddy took the training wheels off a month or two ago and it didn't take you long to get the hang of it! Within an hour or so you were zipping all over the place! You love going camping with your cousins.  You guys will go from sun up to sun down! You love having movie nights.  I'm not sure if it's the love of the movies or getting to stay up a little later with us. :-) You even taught yourself how to swing. Yay! Now we can go outside and you don't have to ask Mommy or Daddy to push you for hours!
     You are still a pretty shy guy and do NOT like it when you think people are watching you. That being said, you, me, Daddy, Emma, and Aubrey still have some super fun kitchen dance parties!! I think you're just going to be a man of few words.  You have definitely come out of your shell this year, but you still aren't the kid that will walk up and talk to anyone or give a detailed answer to anyone who asks you something for that matter.  Even if you know the person, you usually tend to give the bare minimum and move along. :-)
Last full day of kindergarten
     I can't wait to see how you grow and change from here, but if you'd like to slow it down...just a little...I would be so very happy!!

I love you so much, sweet boy!!
Mother's Day 2013

Love you,


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