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Our Family
December 2013

Monday, June 17, 2013

Aiden's a Kindergarten Graduate

This year FLEW by.  I'm not kidding. I was so sad and lost when Aiden started school and now in what seems like a couple of blinks, kindergarten is over and I now have a 1st grader!
1st day of kindergarten vs last day of kindergarten
Aiden loved kindergarten.  Sure, you'll never hear him admit to it, but I know he did.  He learned so much, had a couple of great teachers that helped to ease him into being away from home, and made lots of friends.  It makes me smile to hear him tell us that he only had a few friends at school. Ethan, Joshua, Seth, Cole, Madison are the ones we heard the most about.  However, whenever I went into the classroom all the kids always greeted him and seemed excited when he got there. And Aiden would play it off, like he was too cool to care with that little trying to hold his smile in grin. :) You had lot of friends this year big guy!

We are so proud of all that he accomplished this year. He was one of the highest in his class, not that we were surprised to hear that, we knew he would do wonderfully.  And we know that he will continue to do great things.

On June 6th, Aiden graduated kindergarten! Woohoo!!

Here are a couple of pictures I got that day.  You will notice that he looks miserable in most of them.  He is definitely not someone who likes to be in the spotlight.  Even though there were tons of other kids around him, he was stressed that everyone would be watching him. At least we know he gets it honestly! :)
 Can you see the hate for this in that picture? Yeah. They made them walk in from the back all the way up to the stage by themselves.  Cute for a picture opportunity? Sure! Terrifying for some of them? Absolutely! Aiden practically ran down the aisle! I'm shocked I caught him in the frame!!
 I had my super zoom lens on the camera and was using the landscape option to brighten the picture.  As you can tell, any slight movement on my part or the kids made it blurry.  Yeah, sitting next to Emma with a stage full of kindergarten grads meant most of these pictures were gonna be blurry.
 Think he was actually singing? Yeah, me neither! :-)
 Waving flags while singing Aiden's favorite song...You're a Grand Old Flag. Do I see a slight smile??
 I can't remember what that song was right now as I'm typing, but in the middle of it the lights went out and the kids all had glow sticks to wave around. It was pretty cool.
 There's our guy waiting in line to go get his memory book and picture with his teacher.
 Everyone got a chuckle here.  Aiden is trained for pictures. Lol! He got up there and completely ignored Ms. Stone and just smiled for his picture.  She tried to get him to scoot back and you can see that he was not moving until I got his picture! Good job, buddy! :)
 He finally let her hand him his memory book for one more picture.
 And he's officially graduated! Time for summer vacation!! Whoohoo!!

Patrick was able to get a few videos of the songs the kids sang at the graduation ceremony.  They were on his phone (because we forgot the real video camera on the counter, of course!).  He wasn't able to get them all at once because he was holding Aubrey and if she sees a phone, she's gonna try and get it! That's also why it's not the complete songs too.  Hey, at least we have some of it. :-)

They really did a great job!

Happy Kindergarten Graduation Class of 2025!!!

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