Our Family

Our Family
December 2013

Friday, June 21, 2013

First Beach Trip of the Summer

The day after Aiden's birthday party we took our first trip to the beach.

{Don't worry, this was before we knew that Aiden had strep.  We totally wouldn't have gone if we knew that was the case...well probably! :)}

We were lucky because the weather was beautiful! Not too hot, but not freezing cold either.  However, I thought the water was freezing.  Lucky for me, I don't go swimming in that stuff! I just dip the toes!

Aiden and Hunter jumped right in. Aiden only realized he was freezing when he came out of the ocean.
Emma stuck mostly to the sand at first.  She liked collecting rocks and shells and playing with Uncle Ron's boat.  Eventually she made her way into the water and had a ball splashing around!
I wasn't sure what Aubrey would think. It was her first trip to the beach {outside of my belly anyway}.  She didn't seem bothered by it, so that was good.  She touched the sand and would occasionally make a run for it toward her daddy who was at the water.  She let Patrick put her feet in for a little bit, but once I picked her up, she was not letting us put her feet back in.  I can't blame her! Like I said, that water was a bit cold that day!

It was a great first trip to the beach of the season! I can't wait for many more {though I could do without the mess afterwards!}!

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