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Our Family
December 2013

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Aiden's 6th Birthday Party

Last weekend we celebrated Aiden's sixth birthday.  Originally he told us that he wanted a Phineas and Ferb party, but then we saw Wreck-It Ralph and he became slightly obsessed.  So Phineas and Ferb were pushed back to maybe next year and we went with Ralph.  It was meant to be in my eyes.  We went to Party City one day looking for things for Emma's party and there was all the Wreck-It Ralph supplies...on clearance...for $1 each.  Thank you very much! We scooped up everything we could!

Other than buying the tableclothes, plates, and napkins, there wasn't much out there in the decorations world.  Aiden's favorite is Fix it Felix, but everything had Ralph on it so we needed to find an invitation/decorations that would work for us. We finally found an invitation on Etsy.
(Again, I'm not a computer expert so the ugly nonsense at the bottom is the only way I know how to blur out our address and phone number)  Looking back, I wish I had him where a different colored shirt in his picture, but I needed to get them done, like yesterday, at that point so it was whatever he had on! In the end, he loved them so we were happy!

Next it was lots and lots of looking online to find ideas for decorations.  And? There weren't many. Good thing he's a 6 yr old boy and doesn't care. :-) Lucky for us we had the Wreck-It Ralph tableclothes which counted as a big part of our decorations.  I decided to go with the Sugar Rush theme for centerpieces and came up with these:
 I loved them. And Aiden and Emma already have big plans to eat the giant lollipops!

I made Emma a banner for her birthday and what you do for one, you have to do for the other so Aiden needed one too.  Since Fix It Felix is his favorite I decided to go with those colors and added little pictures of Felix and Ralph.
 And a slightly closer look...
 I found this idea for favors on Pinterest.  Surprisingly, they were super easy to make and probably cheaper than finder another idea for favors!
 Our favorite cake lady did an awesome cake for us! We've been going to her for years and she never disappoints! I wish I was that talented!!
 Finally, after all those preparations, it was about time for everyone to arrive! Aiden was excited and had been counting down since at least the day before!
 As soon as the kids arrived, I didn't see my little man again until it was present time! He's still stone faced when he opens gifts.  That one is not gonna let you see him smile!
 And my favorite?? Him sitting with his daddy. <3
 After presents, it was back to running around until cake!
 Making a wish! And no, he would not tell me what it was for because then it might not come true. :)
Our little man was shown so much love that day and it was an awesome party until the evening when he started acting a little strange.  He's not one to ever tell you what's wrong (yeah, I love that) so I was pretty frustrated.  He actually ended up going to bed around 7 with his friends and family still partying without him.  Turns out (we found out on Monday) that he had strep throat.  What a rotten birthday gift!!  Thank goodness he's feeling much better now!!

Thanks to everyone that helped make it a great day!

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