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Our Family
December 2013

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Aiden's 6th Birthday

June 7th was Aiden's 6th birthday. I was so happy to find out that his last day of school was June 6th so he'd be home with me on his actual birthday! Yay!!

After spending the afternoon at Aunt Kelly's for a playdate, we were going to go to dinner where ever Aiden chose.  He wanted to go to Nino's.  Ahhh, yes. Patrick and I's favorite place to go when we lived up north.  We've taught him well. :)

Aiden had been begging to open his presents all day, but with Patrick working, going to playdate, and me having a dentist appointment in there, I had been putting it off until the evening.  Big meanie. I know.  I make myself think it spreads the birthday out longer.  To a poor kid? It's torture.  It was also an extremely yucky, rainy day.  Honestly, I didn't want to drag everyone out into that mess to eat.

We gave Aiden two choices.  1.  We could still go to Nino's and open gifts when we got home. Or 2. Open the presents and then get something quick to eat so he could play with them and we'd go to dinner on a different day.  (We knew he's want to play with them.)

What would you pick if you were a kid? Yeah, me too.  He chose 2.  So present time it was!
 Opening his present from Emma and Aubrey...
 Yeah Luigi's Mansion! Thanks girls!
 And his big gift that I know he wasn't expecting because I constantly told him not to hold his breath because it was way too expensive, but Patrick decided he really, really wanted to get it for him...
 The Wii U!
 Yup, that face right above is probably the most excited face he'll give away.  I don't know why he tries to hide it, but I'm guessing that on the inside, he was super pumped!!
 And the whole reason he wanted the Wii U...the Mario game
 (And can I just say that that stupid shadow in the pictures is driving me nuts!!!)

Happy Birthday you be 6 year old you!
And I couldn't let him get away from me without a picture on his birthday! So hard to believe it's been 6 years!!<3 

Gosh, he's handsome! What a perfect day!

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