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Our Family
December 2013

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Aubrey - 10 Months

I swear I was just writing your 9 month post! Probably because I wrote it a little late! Oops! Time just seems to be flying by!

Here are a few pictures from your 10 month photo shoot.  I was thinking that by now, you would get the drill and sit still for at least a few. Nope! You want to get out of the chair almost instantly and now we have to try and stop you from ripping the sticker off your shirt!
 See? You're even shocked that your 10 months old now! And here you go, trying to rip that sticker off again...
 By this point you had had enough and were outta here!
Yup, that's right! You're walking big girl!  I even witnessed you today (now several days ago since that's when I wrote this) stand up without using something like the cabinets, chairs, or couch to help you. Yep, you only pushed off the floor and you were up going after Emma.

Here's a little snip-it of you on the go! (This was just earlier a week or two ago and I swear you're better at it already! And ignore Aiden complaining in the background!)
You are constantly on the go!! You still love to go from one thing you're not supposed to be doing to the next! You can see from the video that you've now discovered the cabinets in the kitchen. Luckily most of the locks from when Aiden was a baby still work, but some don't and I swear you know which ones, because you favor that cabinet! You love to sneak into the bathroom when we forget to shut the door and pull the toilet paper off the roll.  Naughty, naughty!! You still love to pull out the magazines or coloring books and try to rip them, try to get ahold of the chalk and eat it, pull everything off the table next to the couch, and dump everything that is in the little kitchen out.
You have started to babble a lot again! A lot of Mama, and you've started back with Dada and occasionally throw the Baba in there! I swear a couple of times you've said "Emma" and Aiden says you've said his name too!  If we've got something you want, mainly food, you'll get excited and "grunt" for lack of a better word, and look at the food and then back at us until we'll give you some.  You like to point at things now too and wave when I put you to bed or when people are leaving. You've even started blowing kisses occassionally!
You finally have enough hair for a little pigtail! Honestly, you've probably had enough for awhile now, but I just finally attempted one not long ago.  You left it alone once it was in there, but you did not like when I was putting it in! You kept shaking your head no at me while I was putting it in.  Don't worry, we won't wear one everyday! :-)
 We've been working on you picking up your own food and feeding yourself.  You didn't want any part of that for a long time. I can't say that I blame you! And surely we didn't help when we would just give it to you to save the time and frustration.  You finally did it all by yourself on June 4th! I swear you did it perfectly and then I got the camera out and you had a tricky time.
By the end of the day, you were a pro!! Way to go big girl!!
We're only 4 days into you being 10 months old and look how much you can do already!! I can't wait to see what the rest of this month will bring!!
I love you sweet girl!


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