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Our Family
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Friday, May 4, 2012

Y3W: Big Bed Update

I knew the day was coming where Emma would need to get out of her crib and into a big girl bed.  Believe me when I say I was not ready for it to happen!  She's always been a great sleeper and only climbed out of her crib a couple of times. I figured if there wasn't a problem, why rush it?

We got Emma's bed from my cousin and it probably sat in the hallway outside of Emma's room for at least a month.  Patrick was ready to put it up the day we brought it home. Me? Nope! I had excuse after excuse, reason after reason.  I don't know why, maybe I feel like that's just the one thing left of them being babies.

With our third baby being due this summer, I knew that we needed the crib for him or her and that we should probably move Emma into the new bed soon just in case it took her awhile to get use it it.  So? I gave Patrick the okay to take down the crib and put up the new bed.
Posing with the crib before it came down
At first, I think Emma was pretty excited.  Though she was a little confused because she would always tell me, "Ava" when we talked about the bed in the hall because it belonged to Ava for so long. She also thought it was pretty cool that it was princess! She was a big helper to Patrick and wanted to carry the pieces in with him.
It was all fun and games while Patrick was putting the bed together...
But...once it was all put together, she didn't want to get on it.  It could have been that she was afraid that I would make her go to sleep if she sat down, I don't know.  Finally (after a while) she sat down so I could get her picture with her new bed.
We were good...until it was bedtime.

She would not get in it.  She kept telling me, "Keddy, Keddy", as in take that damn bed back to Aunt Kelly's and give me my good ole crib back!!  We finally agreed that we would rock for a couple minutes and then she had to get in it, but I would rub her head until she fell asleep.  She was still scared when I laid her down, but for the most part she stayed in it as long as I was next to her.
She looks nervous in these pics
After a few minutes of convincing her to lay still and me rubbing her little head, she fell asleep. Shew!!

Since then she's gone to bed easier, as long as I leave her bedroom door open, which we didn't have to do before and she comes to visit me at least once a night now.  She goes back down pretty easily, as long as you leave that door open.

One thing I really miss is that she was always a really good sleeper, I'm talking 7:30-7:30 (at least) and now she is up and in our room or Aiden's around 6-6:30.  Sigh...There goes the one that we had that was a great sleeper...

So that's how the big girl bed transition went...it's been a big adjustment for us both! :-)

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