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Our Family
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Monday, May 7, 2012

Happy 2 Years Emma!

Dear Emma,

I can hardly believe that 2 years have flown by since you joined our family.  What a joyous two years it has been!  You are such a smart little girl and have so much of me in you that it's a little scarey! Poor Daddy! :-)  You are learning new things all the time and growing so big!

You LOVE America's Funniest Home Videos! You ask to watch "dideos" no less than 1000 times a day. I can't believe that you'll sit there the entire hour and watch and giggle. And as soon as it's over? "Again!" is what you say.  Nothing can quite hold your attention like dideos. :-)  Some of your other favorite things to watch are Elmo, the Baby Einstein videos, The Letter Factory, and Home Alone (Not sure how that happened, but you'll sit and watch it for awhile before you get up and wander around).  You have Aiden wrapped right around your little finger.  As soon as you ask him to put on a movie, he'll get up and do it, even if he happens to be watching something.  That makes me smile!  He loves you so much!

You love to eat shries (fries), chicken (especially the popcorn chicken from Walmart), roni (macaroni), meat (lunchmeat), cheese, pancakes, yogurt, peas, applesauce, and gummies.  Sure, there are more, but these are the ones you ask for frequently.  One food that you aren't very fond of...ice cream.  What kid doesn't love ice cream?! Emma.  I don't know if its the cold or what, but you make an awfully funny face and immediately spit it out.

You love to color, play outside, play "butterflies" also known as Elefun, read, dress up with your princess shoes, push your shopping cart all around, chase after Aiden, and drag out every toy you can find.  You love to play hide and seek but sometimes get a little confused about how the game works.  When you are supposed to be hiding, you'll lean up against the wall and count instead with the person who's supposed to find you!

Bathtime is still one of your favorite times of the day! You always tell Mommy, "Bye Mommy" and blow me kisses as you go upstairs with Daddy to get one. :)  You're favorite songs are If you're Happy and you Know it, Itsy Bitsy Spider, ABC's, and Wheels on the Bus. You also love LMFAO's Party Rock Anthem & Sexy and I Know It.  You love to randomly burst in song with your rendition of "Rock a bye Baby", it goes "Rock a baby timeeeeee, Rock a baby timeeeee" over and over as you rock back and forth.  :-)

We recently switched you over to your big girl bed.  You were pretty scared at first but now it's been about 2 weeks and you're doing much better!  You'll still wake up and come to visit Mommy and Daddy at least once during the night, but I think that's just because it's so easy for you to get up now.  Most mornings when you wake up now, you don't even come in our room, you go straight to Aiden's room to wake him up so you can play.

I love watching you and Aiden play together.  <3 For the most part, you get along wonderfully and you always need to know where he is or have him with you.  I often hear, "'Mon Aiden" as you wave him in which ever direction you're headed in.  He does tend to make you angry more often now with trying to get whichever toy you have or laying on you for too long.  Now, you're starting to get back at him. Just the other day he made you angry and you grabbed ahold of his cheek and tried to pull it off his face.  Oh baby girl!

I can only wait to see what the next year brings and how much you pick up along the way.  One thing is for sure, we love you very, very much! <3<3


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