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Our Family
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Friday, May 11, 2012

Baby #3 - 28 Weeks

How Far Along: 28 weeks

Total Weight Gain: + 22, Don't judge me, we've had a birthday party each weekend to go to the past 2 weekends and another one tomorrow. Plus? I just want to eat All. The. Time!

Sleep: I have a hard time falling asleep some nights.  Could be that our air conditioner is not working upstairs and when it's hot, I can't sleep! Then when I do fall asleep, Emma decides to visit me.  Yeah, I tried sending Patrick to her one night and that didn't go well at all. Apparently, for now, I'm the only one that will do.  So I could use more sleep, but really, who couldn't?

Best Moment This Week:  Finding out I passed my glucose test and all the other bloodwork came back great as well.  (There goes my 3 hour vacation!  Lol! The doctor did tell me that I could lie and tell Patrick I failed and go out shopping for 3 hours instead.  I knew I liked her!)

Movement: All the time! Most of the kicks, punches, and bumps are still pretty low or on my sides. (Which worries me that this baby is not facing the right way yet.)  He or she is getting to be pretty powerful because if you're watching at the right times you can see my belly jumping.

Gender:  We'll find out in July/August!

Labor Signs: Not really. I did have a couple contractions last Saturday when we were getting ready for Emma's birthday party.  I think it was just the stress and working too hard because once I was able to relax they went away.

Belly Button: Still in

Cravings: Sweets, salty, crunchy, you name it!

Wedding Rings On or Off: On

What I Miss:  Margaritas.  We had a bucket of margaritas for Emma's party.  Yeah, I was pretty tore up that I couldn't have any.

What I am Looking Forward to:  More party food tomorrow! :-) It doesn't take much to make a girl happy!

How Big is Baby:  About 14.8 inches (like the size of a Chinese cabbage - seriously! Who came up with these comparisons?!?!) and about 2 1/4 lbs

Next Appt: Doctor Visit - May 22nd

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