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Our Family
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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Emma's 2nd Birthday Party

Emma had a wonderful birthday party this past weekend.  Her birthday is May 5th, which just so happens to fall on Cinco de Mayo.  We thought that it would be a cool idea to have a Cinco de Mayo themed party for her since this will probably be the last year we'll get to choose the theme.

We had a yummy spread of Mexican food, think tacos, taco ring, chips and salsa, taco dip! Yummy! Plus margaritas.  Yes, I was extremely disappointed that I didn't get to take part of those yummy drinks. :-(  That's okay, Patrick told me once this baby is born, he'll get my another bucket. :-)
 Emma was a little shy for awhile and probably didn't feel the best.  She suddenly had a fever the night before and it was on and off all weekend long.  What a stinky thing to have for your birthday!  She was a trooper though and had lots of fun!

Here's a few pictures of Emma before she got too shy to run away...
The kids had lots of fun running wild outside and upstairs.  Soon it was time for presents.  Emma had told me that she was gonna open up all her presents.  In fact, when she came in our room that morning and I told her it was her birthday, she yelled and clapped, "Yay presents!!"  She seemed like she might stick to her word at first, but then after seeing all eyes on her, she just sat with Daddy and let him do all the work.
She got lots of cool new toys (which Aiden has approved of as well) and new clothes for summer.  I was very excited about that because she has outgrown everything from last year!

Next up was cake! Emma loves cake! What girl, doesn't?!  She was good until everyone was staring at her and singing.  She was a big girl and stayed by herself in the chair, but she was looking a little uneasy and trying her best to hold in her little tears.  Eating a piece of her yummy cake made that singing all worth it in the end!
 After cake, people started making their way out of the party and heading home.  When almost every one was gone Emma relaxed and stripped down to her diaper.  Because, that's how you end parties in our house! Lol!

Each kid got to take home their own sombrero! Ole!!

 We all had a great time!  Thanks to everyone who helped us celebrate our sweet girl!!

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