Our Family

Our Family
December 2013

Thursday, May 17, 2012

My Soccer Star

You may remember that Aiden is playing soccer again this season.  He is still kind of shy and isn't very aggressive.  He still likes to gallop around in the back and not get too close to the ball.  I think he's afraid the other kids might kick him, that he'll make them mad if he takes the ball, and he's nervous he'll make a mistake and everyone will see him.  I hate that he's only just about 5 years old and worries about that all ready, but if you know Patrick and I, clearly, he gets it honestly.

He says he likes playing soccer and I'm happy with that. He did tell Patrick the other day that he likes soccer practice, but not the games because there are other teams there then.  See? He just likes being around the people he already knows.  Sound familiar?

Here's a little video of our soccer star at his last game.  You might need to know he's #6, if you can even tell in the video who that is. It looks so much clearer on my phone! Aiden is toward the back, wandering around with his hands over his head. :-)

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