Our Family

Our Family
December 2013

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Time to Color the Easter Eggs!

Last night we colored our Easter eggs.  Aiden was very excited to get started, Emma was excited too, but had no idea why.  :-)

Here they are entertaining themselves while Patrick and I get the dye colors ready:
Look, I have my own cup!

Aiden with his surprised look

Emma checking to see if the cups were ready yet

Silly kid, yes I know his pants are on backwards, he's making a fashion come back

While waiting for the tablets to dissolve, Aiden got down to business with the magic crayon.
Finally the egg dye was ready and it was time to drop the eggs in!
And the best part is to check and see what the eggs look like!

We decided the eggs weren't quite done and needed to sit a little while longer so they could be nice and bright! So, Patrick gave the kids a bath while the eggs were changing colors. Once they were done bathing it was time for a quick picture with Mommy and then take the pretty eggs out to dry.
Hello? Is anybody in there??
Here's our finished product...
That blue one is Aiden's art work with the magic crayon

And it's always important to end with a bedtime snack!

We still have stickers to add to the eggs, but that might have to happen today at naptime because Emma will rather put them on her than the eggs!!

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