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Our Family
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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Tall Pines Camping Trip 2012

Last week, maybe 2 weeks ago by the time I get this posted, a group of us (us, my cousin, Aimee & her family, and my cousin/friend Kelly and her family) headed down to Tall Pines in Virginia for our first camping trip of the season. Last year when we went we had really yucky, rainy weather the first day which left the rest of the days kind of muddy.  This year, however, no rain showed up and we had gorgeous weather.

I was worried about how Emma would do and she was quite the little diva demanding walks constantly.  She would climb in her stroller or the wagon and yell, "Walk".  I think if we had never showed her the playground, she wouldn't have minded staying at the campsite, but once she knew the playground was there and it wasn't far away, she wanted to be there all the time.

Aiden had a great time playing with his cousins/friends.  They pretty much hopped from camper to camper playing inside but did enjoy the playground and riding their bikes.  They also loved to throw things in the fire and watch it burn.  Little pyros just like their parents! :-)

I had a great time relaxing, hanging out around the fire, and eating. :-) Hey, that's what you're supposed to do when camping.  I didn't really do much but by the time we got home, I was exhausted.  Actually, I'm still exhausted and it's been almost a week since we've gotten home (when I'm writing this anyway). I'm not a huge drinker, but it's definitely going to be a long camping season being pregnant!! :-)

Here are some pictures from our weekend:
Poor baby fell face first in the dirt
Hanging with Daddy
The kids watching the ducks that came to visit us at every meal time
Hanging around the campfire
Playing redneck golf
Trying to hide from the smoke
Ahhhh campfire
Snuggled up in my beautiful blanket
Me and my little lady
Our circle of lights
Time for a little bike ride
Ava trying to take grouchy Emma for a ride
Hitching a ride from Daddy
Em was too busy to pose with us
At the playground, Emma's favorite place
Her favorite spot by far
Best Friends
Time for a cookie!
Aiden and his blonde mustache
Roasting marshmallows for smores
Mmmmm, smores!
Captain of the ship
Hanging at the beach
Em was in rare whining form
Family picture at the beach, thanks Emma!
Swinging on the poles
Our kids love to swing on the poles, we could be in trouble some day
Dance machine
Dancing with Daddy
Dancing with her daddy
The girls
Em wants to play redneck golf
Back to the playground before we have to leave
That's a handsome boy

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