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Our Family
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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Easter 2012 Recap

I have a few things to catch up on since I was super lazy after our camping trip (which I also still have to post about). Here's one that I haven't gotten around to writing until now...

Easter was a beautiful day.  The kids got up and we had to check out what Mr. Easter Bunny left them.  Emma had the best reactions.  At almost everything she pulled out of her basket, she was, "Ooooh!", "Wow!", "Look!". Good job Easter Bunny, good job.

After finishing around here it was time to go to the big egg hunt at my Aunt's sister's house.  She goes all out for the kids and we have such a good time.  The Easter Bunny puts out plastic eggs filled with goodies for all the kids.  He uses a specific sticker for each kid so they know which eggs are theirs. Before the hunt starts she reads a letter from the Easter Bunny to let the kids know what they should be looking for.  This year we were sparkly stars and frogs.  Everybody had to find 24 eggs so that bunny must work hard all year long.  And this year we actually found all of our eggs!

From there we went to my grandmother's for Easter dinner where I stuffed myself full of yummy foods!

Like I said it was a beautiful day.  Of course I took a million pictures so I'm trying to narrow it down to just a few of my favorites.
Mario shirt from the EB
Love that little happy face
Checking out their loot
Sweet Little Emma
Think she was over taking the pictures??
Handsome Aiden
My lovies
Look at that sweet smile, which Aiden has the frozen fake one...
Me and the kiddies
My life
Happy Easter!
Best Friends waiting for the egg hunt to begin
Patrick and his girl
My absolute favorite
Aiden getting a little help from Emma
Looking to see what's inside his egg
Follow me, Daddy
Why are these darn eggs so hard to find, Aiden??
Helping my girl look for her eggs
Her little feet needed a rest
Aiden taking a load off
Emma with all her eggs
Aiden found all his eggs!
Mmmmmm, chocolate!!!!

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