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Our Family
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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Finally...A Name for Baby!

I just realized that I don't think I've ever mentioned what name we have decided on for the new baby.  First of all, why does choosing a name have to be so darn hard!?!? You have to make sure that it sounds good for a bitty, bitty baby, but then you also have to be able to picture them as a grown woman or man being able to use that name.  I don't know why, but I always picture them on their wedding day when they are saying their vows and have to repeat their name...will it be acceptable or will it make them sound like a little kid getting married.

I've always had my favorites. Ever since I was younger it was no question...if it was a girl, it'd be Grace and if it was a boy, Jackson.  But, as you can see...I have a boy and his name isn't Jackson and our little girl isn't Grace.  I don't know why, but when they came along, I questioned the names.  Could it be that I had thought about it for so long, that they then didn't sound good enough? I don't know.  I just liked Aiden and Emma better for them.

Now on our third time around, picking a name was no different.  It has still been super stressful and I've been very back and forth over whether I like the name we were discussing or not.  And just to make it even harder, we don't know if this is a boy or girl so we have to decide on two names, not just one.  Great!  Again, I still like Grace and Jackson, but just don't see me having a little boy named Jackson and I still love Grace, but I'm not sold on it being her first name. I told you this was tough.

We finally decided on names a couple months ago, however, the boy's didn't stick.  We were going with Greyson Michael for the boy.  I love the name Greyson for a boy and Michael is after my stepdad.  My problem with it was that I felt Greyson was too sing songy with Aiden.  Many people assured me that I'm crazy and it didn't, it just had the same syllables. But, I wasn't buying it, they couldn't convince me so we had to move on to something else.  And thanks to throwing baby names around one night while sitting around the campfire on our camping trip, we've finally got a name for this little guy or girl.

If it's a boy:
Reid Michael

And a girl:
Aubrey Grace

Now hopefully, I don't change my mind again before this little one arrives!

Here's Emma saying the baby's name because it's so darn cute.  And she's gotten a lot better with Aubrey because it used to be Au-booty  :-)  (The first video was when the name was gonna Greyson, but it's too cute to not include...Baby Booty)

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