Our Family

Our Family
December 2013

Friday, July 13, 2012

Baby #3 - 37 Weeks

Full Term.  Wow! How did we get here so quickly?! I can't believe this little baby can come any day now.  I am extremely excited to find out if it's a boy or girl! Eeeek! My feelings at this moment are that it's a girl, but maybe that's because most people we hear from think it's a girl.  Well, that, and I washed all of the kids newborn clothes that I kept and we only have about 1 outfit if this is a boy.  Yikes! Either way, this baby will be perfect and we can't wait to meet them!! <3

How Far Along: 37 weeks 

Total Weight Gain: + 33 (Getting close to what I gained with Aiden!)

Sleep: Sleep is great, although I have a hell of a time getting comfortable!!

Best Moment This Week:   Coming home to the air condition, dirt/bug free house after a week of camping

Movement: Tons! And those movements are starting to get uncomfortable!

Gender:  We'll find out in a couple of weeks, at most!

Labor Signs: Cramping here and there and pressure at times. At the doctor Monday morning I was 2 cm dilated.    

Belly Button: Flattening out...yuck!

Cravings: Yup, still anything that I don't have to cook!!

Wedding Rings On or Off: I can't believe these are still on! With both Aiden and Emma they were long gone by now!

What I Miss: Sleeping comfortably at night

What I am Looking Forward to:  Finding out if this is a little boy or girl!

How Big is Baby:  A bit over 19 inches and about 6 1/3 lbs (like a stalk of Swiss chard - whatever the heck that is!)
Next Appt: Doctor Visit - July 17th

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