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Our Family
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Friday, July 27, 2012

Baby #3 - 39 Weeks

Okay so technically, according to my doctor tomorrow is my official due date, but according to the ultrasound that I had awhile ago and the baby's measurements at that time, my due date is August 3rd.  That's what I've been going off of anyway, but I suppose maybe I should have been using the doctor's date since they are the ones that order the tests/inductions, and such. And? I feel like maybe the August 3rd date is right because right now...nothing...I feel like nothing is going to happen...ever. This baby is so comfy and warm and cozy and just can't get enough of all the yumminess that I eat that I swear he/she is never coming out of there.  And honestly?  I'm slightly okay with that.  Apparently there hasn't been enough time between Emma and this one for me to forget about the pain I am about to feel.  :-/  If you've followed from the beginning and read my birth stories with Aiden and Emma, you know my babies don't usually play around! When they are ready, they are ready...quickly!  I am totally thankful for this, believe me, but when you are constantly worrying about where your husband will be working that day, how long it will take for him to get home, if I'll be able to get ahold of my grandmother to come stay with the kids and still make it to the hospital in time; you can see the stress it would cause.  I am SO excited to meet this little one, but I am looking forward to the after labor part the most. :-)

How Far Along: 39 weeks depending on which date you'd like to follow

Total Weight Gain: + 35 (Now that it's getting close to the end, I'm trying to eat everything I can!)

Sleep: Not comfortable at all

Best Moment This Week:  Getting my fix of fair food!  Oh I'm such a fatty! Fair food makes me so happy! :-)

Movement: Yes! And it's starting to hurt!

Gender:  We'll find out any day! Eeeeek!

Labor Signs: Still have the menstrual cramps and pressure, though that seems to have lightened up some (exactly why I say this baby is never coming out).  At the doctor this week I was still 2-3 cm, maybe 3 cm she said and I'm now 50% effaced. The baby was at -1 station.  So some progress but certainly not as much as I was hoping for.  I know, I know...the baby could come any time without any progress but I like to be as far along as I can without having double over, kill me now contrations.   

Belly Button: Flattening out...yuck!

Cravings: Fatness since I know this is almost over and then I'll have to start behaving myself again

Wedding Rings On or Off: Still on but getting tighter

What I Miss: Being comfortable, getting up off the couch comfortably, sleeping comfortably  

What I am Looking Forward to:  Holding this little one in my arms!

How Big is Baby:  About 20 inches and a little over 7 lbs (like a mini watermelon)
Next Appt: Doctor Visit - July 31, Induction scheduled for August 3rd, though if this baby doesn't show on his or her own by the 31st I'm going to talk to the doctor about putting it back a little bit.  I really don't want to be induced and since I've gone into labor on my own with my other 2, I know my body can do it.  I'm not talking crazy about never getting it done, but if you even go off the July 28th due date, August 3rd doesn't even put me at a week overdue.  Who knows, maybe she won't budge, maybe she will, we'll see. And it would be really nice if this sweet little peanut would just come on their own and avoid this whole problem. :-)

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