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Our Family
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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Holy Tantrum!

For those of you who know Aiden, you know that he is very head strong (just like his Mama).  He has been testing the limits big time lately and it's driving us crazy!! Talking back, doing something just because we told him not too, just overall not listening. Now, I knew about the terrible 2's before I had children, then when we had Aiden and he turned 3 we were told that really 2's weren't that bad, that the 3's were...WHAT?!?! Well people, he's 4 now so wasn't this supposed to turn off like a light switch and he's now an angel?? No? That's just not fair!!

I think because I stay home with him, he knows that he's not gonna get away with too much because Mama don't play that! :-) But Patrick, poor Patrick, that boy just does not want to listen to him. He ended up in time out the other day for probably not listening and he just thinks it's a game. I had to get up and go upstairs with Emma so she would stay out of the way.  Awhile back I bought a book written by the Supernanny because I think this woman is fabulous! I mean come on, who doesn't want this woman to come to their house and whip their kids into shape??  So I got my trusty book out to read just what exactly to do with his whole time out thing so it'll work.  I passed it on to Patrick to read as well. 
The basic points are:
  • give 1 warning (oops sometimes I do more than that)
  • take them to time-out if they do it again and explain why they are there even if they are yelling or crying say what you need to say and walk away (got it!)
  • time out should be 1 minute per year of age...so Aiden's got 4 minutes 
  • When their time is up, go over and get down on their level and re-explain why they were there and have them apologize
  • Hugs and Kisses
The big issue we run into is that Aiden thinks Patrick is playing a game with him.  He does NOT stay put.  He gets up and runs away over and over and over again laughing while he's doing it.  Supernanny says to get them and take them right back to time out but do NOT talk to them, they are just trying to get your attention and a reaction from you.

Last night Aiden got put in time out because he didn't listen to Patrick after he gave him a warning to get out of Emma's crib.  So to Aiden the game was on.  He got up and ran, and got up and ran laughing and giggling over and over.  At one point when Patrick was trying to get him to take him back to time out, I heard Aiden telling him, come this way (around the table) not that way.  What?!?!? This child has lost his mind!  I am SO proud of Patrick! He kept his cool and just got him and put him back I would swear at least 100 times.  I mean this did take about 50 minutes!! Yes, you heard that right, 50 minutes this went on!! I was ready to lose my mind 5 minutes in, but Patrick didn't!  You could tell when it was finally sinking into Aiden's brain that this wasn't a game because the laughter and smiles turned into anger and tears, but you know what, it worked! He stayed there for his 4 minutes!! Hallelujah!!

Now according to Ms. Supernanny the whole testing it thing should decrease as he's learning you mean business...I sure do hope she's right!!! 

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