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Our Family
December 2013

Friday, December 7, 2012

Aiden - 5 1/2 years old

Dear Aiden,

Today you are officially 5 and a half years old.  Where in the world has the time gone?  I can't believe how grown up you are.  Sometimes I forget that you can do all kinds of things by yourself, don't worry, you remind me though.  I think I'll always have a hard time realizing just how big you are.
You are such a great big brother to Emma and Aubrey.  You always play with Aubrey and make her giggle. She thinks you're pretty special, and funny.  And Emma thinks the world of you too.  She asks me often while you're at school if it's time to go pick you up yet.  When we do pick you up, she loves to greet you with a big hug.  It makes me smile every time.  I love seeing how close you guys are and I hope that that never changes!
You are doing awesome in school.  We just had your first conference and you are excelling in all areas.  That makes us very, very proud.  But we always knew you were a genius  Afterall, you stayed home with Nana for a few years.  She taught you so many things.  I know that she is also so proud of how you're doing in school!  You even got Student of the Month for November! Way to go!!
You still love your blue blanket. It's very loved looking too. It's got lots of holes, but you don't care.  It has to come in the car with us most of the time and it needs to be downstairs if you are. You don't have to carry it around all the time, I just think it makes you comfortable knowing that it's close by.
There's that blanket in between the two of you
You still love Mario.  You have a little stuffed one that you like to play with now, but you still go to the little plastic figurines too.  Mario movies, Mario ds games, Mario wii games, watching Mario things on the computer and Daddy's phone...you love it.  You also like Spongebob and Phineas and Ferb.  You are a boys boy.  You like to wrestle around, chase us or have us chase you!
You are very quick with a smart answer and still try to see with what you can get away with...I have no clue who you got that from! :-) Even though that mouth gets you in trouble a lot, you can be quite a sweetheart.  Especially to the girls. <3
You still say you're going to live home forever and ever. Even your teacher told us that you have told her that a few different times.  You know what? I think you'll probably change your mind at some point, but if you didn't? I'd be happy.

I love you, Bubby! <3<3<3


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