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Monday, December 10, 2012

Aubrey - 4 Months Old

Technically, Aubrey was 4 months on the 1st, but I've been slacking I was waiting until her doctor's appointment so I would have her stats before I posted this.

I swear these months are flying by! Aubrey is getting bigger and bigger every day.  She is such a little chunky thing and I love chunky babies!! <3  She is still eating 5 oz every 4-5 hours, sometimes longer in between feedings. Thankfully the spitting has gotten a little less with the cereal we're adding to the bottles.  I know she's getting plenty though, because those little chubby cheeks and rolls on the arms and thighs tell me so!

She is constantly trying to sit up.  She wants to be a big girl already! She'll strain her little neck if she's in her swing or bouncer to try and sit herself up.  She does like sitting in the bumboo chair, for short periods of time.
She's still not a fan of tummy time for long, but she did finally get the hang of holding that head up!
She has become quite the chatterbox and even likes to "talk" herself to sleep most of the time.  She still thinks that Aiden is hilarious. She giggles at him often.

We went for her very first visit to see Santa. And just like we thought, at 4 months? She didn't care. :-) She just sat on his lap and mean mugged the camera.
She loves to be held, swing or hang out in her bouncer, chew on your hand/thumb, eat your cheeks, and she thinks it's funny when you tickle or snuggle into her neck.  She also really likes bathtime. At night she still likes to be swaddled and sleeps through the night, though occasionally she'll wake up around 5:45 to talk to us.  I told you she's become a chatterbox.  She's lucky she's cute! :-)

Happy 4 Months Sweet Girl!

4 Month Stats:

Weight: 15 lbs 14 oz (90th percentile)
Height:  26.38 in. (98th percentile)
Head Circumference:  16.34 in. (64th percentile)

Showing off her chub at the doctor's
And she has officially started eating rice cereal (December 6, 2012)! For her first time, she did really well! That tiny tongue pushed a lot out, but she still got a lot in that belly! I think she'll be a pro at eating from a spoon in no time! (More pics of this to follow shortly!)

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