Our Family

Our Family
December 2013

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Halloween 2012

Yes, I may be a week behind, but I'm going to post pictures anyway! :-)

As we do on every Halloween, we pack up the kids and head over to my grandmother's house so she can see the kids in their costumes and we can raid her candy. After that, we head over to my cousin's for the whole gang to trick or treat.  It's completely chaotic as we're now up to at least 8 kids in our group.  We gather together, snack on some food, dress the kids up, take no less than 1000 pictures (maybe I just take that many?), then head out for trick or treating.  Once we're back the kids run wild, eat dinner, eat way too many pieces of candy, and hang out until it's time to go home.  Unfortunately this year Halloween fell on a Wednesday, which means the fun had to be cut short because the next day was a school day.  In my opinion trick or treat should be held on the weekend, so the parents can hang out after. :-)

Here's a "few" pictures of the kids...
I love this picture...The sugar had officially kicked in :-)

 Happy Halloween!!!

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