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Our Family
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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Aubrey's 3 Months Old

Aubrey Grace turned 3 months old on Thursday, November 1st. I honestly cannot believe it. She really is a sweet and silly girl and has brought even more love and joy to our little family.

The kids adore her and constantly need to love on her and be all up in her face. And she rewards them, and us, with those sweet gummy smiles and little baby giggles.  Well until they get on her nerves, anyway.

Her newest thing?
I told you she was a silly girl! She is always sticking that little tongue out now.  :-P

She loves to be cuddled and all snuggled up in her warm fluffy blanket.  She prefers to sleeping bundled up in that blanket on her side in her pack and play over the swing right now.  But she does still love to swing. She also enjoys hanging out in her bouncer.  I think she likes that because she can sit up and see what we're all doing.  One thing she still hates? Tummy time.  Doesn't every baby hate that?  Poor girl.  I try to remember to do that with her every once in awhile, but I feel like most days it's just torture.  She'll get those neck muscles strong somehow.  She can hold her head up great when holding her, so I'm not really concerned.

She's currently eat about 5 oz, sometimes less about every 4-5 hours.  She has become quite the spitter after eating and lately has started yelling like her little belly hurts or it's burning, like reflux.  :-( So like they told us to do with Emma, we've started adding cereal to her bottles.  It's definitely helped some with the spitting, but hasn't solved the problem.   She's also been sleeping through the night! Yay!  We'll still give her a bottle before we go to bed and that carries her over until 6-7 the next morning.

Here are her unofficial stats (since she doesn't go to the doctor this month):

Weight: 14 lbs 2 oz
Height: 24 1/2 inches

Happy 3 Months Sweet Aubrey!

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