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Our Family
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Monday, November 5, 2012

Emma 2 & 1/2 years old

Dear Emma Cheryl,

Today you are officially two and a half years old! Time has flown! It seems like yesterday that I was in the bathroom trying to do my makeup while having to stop and grip the counter during contractions and here we are two and a half years later.  It seems to have gone by in the blink of an eye!

You are quite a smart little girl! And you definitely have sass, sometimes way too much sass for a 2 1/2 yr old, but you keep us laughing.  You love to sing.  Some of your favorite songs are Row, Row, Row Your Boat, Itsy Bitsy Spider, ABC's, You are my Sunshine, that song Barney sings...not sure what it's called, but you call it Family, and you like to count too.  You can almost count up to 20, you just leave out a few numbers in the teens here and there.  Every night before bed, we have to sing all these songs, plus more and count to 20.  And there are some songs, like Row, Row, Row your Boat that you insist on singing yourself.  You tell me, "Me, not you" and get feisty if I try to sing anyway.

Halloween was the other day and you were such a big girl! Some of the spooky stuff scared you, but you didn't let it stop you from getting your candy.  At some of the houses you even tried going most of the way up by yourself. The cutest thing is that you swear it's "Take you treats" or "Take you treasure", but never trick or treat.  I think the way you say it is much, much cuter anyway. :-)

You LOVE watching cartoons and I swear you need an intervention. This has been happening ever since Aiden started going to school. I think you love the freedom to watch what you want and you want to watch it all the time. You throw a fit if we change it or turn it off.  Your favorite cartoons to watch are Mickey Mouse, "Yo Yo Jake and the Pirates" (as you call it), and Doc McStuffins (you are constantly singing "time for you check up" song).
You love getting dressed up as a princess (as you might see one of the princess tops in the video above), reading, playing with Aiden and Aubrey, and pulling out every toy you can. :-)

Your favorite foods are pancakes, pizza, chicken and shries from "chick-a-lay" and "McNonold's", popsicles, smarties, yogurt covered raisins, cheese, and "bunny bunnies" (honey buns)!  

You are in the process of potty training.  We thought about starting awhile ago (pre-Aubrey), but you weren't really interested.  Then all of a sudden after Aubrey arrived, you were into it.  Just like that you started peeing in the potty.  Most of the time you need us to remind you to go, but there are a lot of times that you just go on your own.  Pooping however, is another story. You've gone in the potty a few times, but most of the time you won't go #2 in there.  We'll just keep working on it, but we're very proud of you!!

You are a beautiful little girl with a love for life.  You make us smile and laugh every single day!  

I love you Emmy Em!


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