Our Family

Our Family
December 2013

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Happy 3rd Birthday Emma!

Dear Emma,

I cannot believe you are 3 years old!! On one hand it seems like it's flown by and on the other I can't remember what it was like before you joined our family. You are such a sweet and funny girl.  {I like to think you have Mommy's sense of humor. :-)} Some of the things that come out of your mouth make me laugh so hard and other times you are so sassy, I would swear you were turning 16 instead of 3. Boy do I think you are always gonna keep us on our toes.

You LOVE your brother and sister very much! Even though Aiden's been in school for 8 months, you'll still ask if we can go pick him up after he's only been gone for a couple hours.  You often tell me that Aubrey is your baby and you love to make her giggle.  I love watching the 3 of you interact with each other.  Family is what it is all about, sweet girl, so that makes my heart extremely happy.

You've definitely come into the terrible 2's/3's some and are trying to find out just how much and what you can get away with.  At least when you get into trouble, you're pretty good about apologizing and moving on. Like I said, sometimes I think you're turning 16 instead of 3 and I think you do too! One day you had a cupcake with lunch and I told you that you had to finish your sandwich before you ate the cupcake.  Aubrey woke up and I went upstairs to get her, when I came back down, it was obvious you ate some of the cupcake but you thought you could get away with it.  Here's the video I took of your story. (ps. you had a cheese sandwich, no peanut butter in sight)
Yeah, you're gonna keep us on our toes!!

You are such a smart, smart girl and have a wonderful memory. Almost everyone of your stories about something that happened in the past occurred "yesterday", whether is was indeed yesterday or 7 months ago.  That drives Aiden crazy! Hahaha

You still love your blanket and puppy and have to carry them everywhere with us.  If we go somewhere they have to come along and stay in the van.  You recently got a Vanellope doll from the movie Wreck it Ralph and she has joined your blanket and puppy in having to be with you at all times.

You love to be outside and swing or blow bubbles. Your cupcake game is your favorite game to play.  You also love "to watch something", you must ask if you can watch something no less than 2984390 times a day! You love playing in the bathtub, coloring, reading books, playing with Ava, Aiden, and Aubrey, singing, dancing, and going to "rest-tern-naunts" to eat.  Almost everytime we're out you point out a restaurant that we could eat at. I'm beginning to think you don't like my cooking so much! You love to go to Walmart and ask me quite often after dropping Aiden off at school if we are going to a store. :-)  You love to eat pizza, nuggets and fries, pancakes, cheesestrings, soup, lunchmeat, and applesauce.

You are still really shy and get nervous around people you don't really know.  You'll hide behind Mommy or Daddy and whisper "Mama" with a panicked look on your face if you need to hide behind us and you're scared to walk past them.

You keep our days full of laughter and smiles, and a few gray hairs and stress headaches but we love you very, very much! I can't wait to see what you discover at 3!  Happy Birthday Sweet Girl!!

I love you very much!!


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