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Our Family
December 2013

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Emma's 3rd Birthday

Emma's actual birthday was the day after her party, so we still had a little more celebrating to do!  :-) She slept in since she stayed up late partying the night before. And I actually ending up waking her up just before 9.

(With Aiden and Emma since they were both born during the day, I take their picture each year at the exact moment they were born, at least until they have to be away from me at school.) Here's our sweet girl at exactly 3 years old, May 5, 2013 at 8:54 am.

Hahaha! Excuse her party hair/bed head!!

We headed downstairs for breakfast aka cake because it's okay when it's your birthday, and to play with some of her new toys!

We laid around for most of the morning being lazy.  After some lunch and baths, we decided to head to the store so Emma could buy something with her birthday money she got from her party.  She had wanted this garden table that she didn't get so we went to check that out or see if there was anything else she might wanted instead.  In the end, she decided to get a sand table, which I'm glad for because I think they'll all play with that longer than the garden table.
We also had to remember to measure Emma on our growth chart to see just how much she grew over the year.  I love looking at it to see how big they've gotten! It's funny how it always seems to be about the same amount in between each year. And in this picture you can see that Aiden was a bit taller at 3 than Emma is.  
We still had one more present for our girl that we saved so she'd have something to open on her real birthday and so she'd have a chance to open something since she refused to at her party.
A bike! Now she can ride like Aiden! We had to go outside once Daddy built it so she could test it out. It's still kind of tricky for her to go and keep going.  I guess riding bikes uses some muscles in her legs that she just hasn't gotten the hang of how to use yet.  She did get going a couple times and was so excited!!
We did get her a helmet just to be safe and obey the laws but do kids on tricycles really need helmets? I honestly don't know. She insisted that we get it out because it would help her go.  I just love this big ole helmet on her little head!
I still can't believe she's 3!! She's an awesome little girl and I couldn't be more proud to call her mine!

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