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Our Family
December 2013

Friday, May 10, 2013

Emma's 3rd Birthday Party

Last Saturday we had Emma's 3rd birthday party.  She decided early on that she wanted a Doc McStuffins party so off I went looking for ideas for Doc parties.  Of course she hasn't been around long enough that they have Doc party plates and all that stuff so I had to think on my own what to do.  Then after I found some ideas I liked, she changed her mind.  She now wanted a Minnie Mouse party.  Luckily, I hadn't bought anything yet, so Minnie Mouse it was!

I looked and looked over the internet and found lots of cute ideas and decided on some decorations and invitations and we set off!

Here's her invitation: (I was too lazy to cover the phone number and address with paper so I just used the computer to "hide" the info, that's why that part is so ugly, I don't really know how to do it.) I found them here on etsy.

And of course you have to have a cute outfit for your party! Here's the outfit Emma wore.
Again both the dress and hair bows were found on etsy.  I love that place!!

All of our kids are pretty shy.  They know who they know and pretty much hide or give anyone they don't the silent treatment.  Emma is probably the most shy of them all and the day before her party she started to tell me that she was scared of the people coming.  Poor girl!

On the day of her party she was pretty excited running around the house, but she did mention again that she was nervous still.  Here she is before her friends came.

My goodness she's a cutie!! Of course Aubrey and Aiden had to wear their Mickey/Minnie gear too!


 Once everyone started coming, Emma disappeared outside to play with the kids and she stayed out there most of the time.  After everyone's bellies were full from lots of yummy food, it was time for presents.  Something just told me that Emma was not going to want to do presents because everyone would be looking at her.  Maybe it was the fact that she had told me several times she was scared.  :( I seriously considered just letting her open them after everyone was gone but I know that I like to see how people react to my gifts so I figured our guests might feel the same way.  So we went for it. And? She would not open her gifts.  She climbed in my lap and tried to hide, she sat behind me to hide.  Poor shy girl.  I tried and tried to get her to open something, anything. Take the tissue paper out of gift bags. Nope, she wasn't having it, so I ended up having to open her gifts.  She loved everything, I promise, but if you were here at that time, you wouldn't know it.  She stayed pretty straight faced about everything.
 I didn't want to torture her with singing happy birthday, but hey, it's party so we had no choice! :-)
 She handled the cake and singing, way better than the presents! She did ask Daddy to help her blow her candle out, but she sat in the chair by herself and that's a smile there in that picture and that was when people were singing!

Once the cake was done, it was back to playing with her cousins/friends for the rest of the day/night! She had a great time!! She's a lucky little girl that has many people who love her, even if she does try to hide from most of them! ;-)

Of course I have to show the details! I am in no way, shape, or form creative, but I decided I wanted to make some decorations for her party just to give it a little something more! Here are a few things that I made:

I'm quite proud of those things.  Now if only I had something to do with them...that's a lot of work to just throw away.  That's probably why I usually don't make them! :-)

Thanks to everyone that came and helped make Emma's day special!

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