Our Family

Our Family
December 2013

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Voshell's Campground

This past weekend, my family and I loaded up our campers and made the long journey over to my uncle's house to camp for labor day weekend. By long journey, I mean about 5 minutes for us. :-) Hey, it's the perfect trip! You're close to home if you need anything or something happens, and we don't have to pay camping fees like we would if we went to an actual campground (though we truly believe this one is legit too).

Of course the weather was beautiful, until we went...that's when the disgusting, hot, sticky weather came back.  Mother Nature apparently doesn't care for us.  The kids didn't care, they ran and ran all day, covered in dirt! And? This was our first camping trip with Aubrey.  I was really worried about how that would go since she only turned a month old while we were there.  Thankfully, it went really well! She napped in the air conditioned camper most of the time and didn't wake the kids up when she woke up in the middle of the night.  Yay! And plus also!? This was the first trip that I could actually have some adult beverages...Ahhhh, that was nice! :-)

Here are some pictures from our trip:
Just chilling in Mommy's chair
This is why I don't mess with Kelly! :-)
Ronnie showing us how it's done!
Emma's looking a little concerned with Ronnie handling that gun
Chugging his drink...it's what he does!
Trying to stay cool
Aubrey trying to escape the bugs!
Helping Uncle Patrick get his cornhole bags together
Probably planning to get into something
Patrick with his new cornhole game...this was the big attraction for the men this weekend
The walking exhausted
Pinata time
Emma didn't want any part of it, but Patrick didn't care
Nice hit, Aiden!
Hanging with her daddy
Grabbing the loot
Pinata head
Emma was happy with her goodies
Oh, Dirty Bird!
Having to get showered off outside
Catching a ride from Uncle Ron
Riding with Uncle Ron
Having fun
The ladies trying to stay cool
The Campground

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