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Our Family
December 2013

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

See? I Can Be Crafty!

If you are on pinterest, then you know that there are millions of fabulous ideas on there.  I've pinned probably more than I can count, thinking that some day I'll do that.  What they don't always mention is that you have to go buy supplies for these crafts and sometimes you need a lot and they aren't always cheap. So unfortunately while some of them are super cute, I'll just never actually get around to making them.

One day I did see a little craft for fall/Halloween time.  They had painted their child's foot to look like a candy corn.  I thought it was adorable! And, I love a craft where you can use their hands or feet to be able to look back one day and see just how little they once were.  I made up my mind that this would be one craft that I was doing.  I loaded the girls up and we headed off to Michael's to get our supplies. I was reminded while I was there once again why I don't do these crafts.  The aisle's of Michael's aren't really for a double stroller, especially one with Emma in the front grabbing everything off the shelves while I'm trying to push the stroller with a shopping basket on my arm, while trying to keep Aubrey from fussing, to be topped off with hearing Aubrey going #2.  Lovely.  Yes, this is why I don't do these things. :-)

Even though it was a task to get what I needed, I have to say I love the final product!!

See? I can be crafty!

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