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Our Family
December 2013

Friday, February 15, 2013

Valentine's Day Fun

Yesterday Aiden had to go to school for Valentine's Day. Boo! That's okay though because he was pretty excited for his class' Valentine's Day party.  His choice of cards for his very first Valentine exchange? SpongeBob, of course! I thought about trying to do something cute off of pinterest, but really, isn't this holiday about kids getting to pick out their cheap old paper cards with a character they love? That's what I did when I was a kid and I loved it! So that's what we went with and I'm so glad we did!
I did try to get a little crafty for his teachers.  Okay, not really crafty so much, but I found the idea on pinterest and it was too cute not to do. And? It wasn't too expensive.  Even better!! Here's a picture of them all finished.  {Thank goodness the lady who originally did these put the tag on there to print because I tried making my own.  Epic fail! I have no clue how to design a tag that doesn't look like it was created by a 2 year old!}
Cute right? So thanks to the lady from pinterest! :-)

Emma had been pretty excited about Valentine's Day for awhile.  She had repeatedly told me that she wanted to go to "Valentime's Day" now.  I don't know where she thought it was.  I tried explaining it to her, but she's determined like her Mommy, so she didn't care what I said, she was going to "Valentime's Day" where ever it might have been.  She knew Aiden was having a party at school so maybe she thought we were going to a party too? I couldn't let my girl down so I decided to let her have a party.  In the morning we made Valentine's for everyone, then we had a little party at lunch. Think chips, cheese & crackers, sweets, you know, the important food groups!!  We had balloons and music too.  What kind of party would it be without that?? My favorite part was listening to her sing Call Me Maybe and This Girl is on Fire (that could totally not be the title of that song, but it's the part we know!). I love when she belts it out! So cute!!
We also get the kids little gifts so we gave them those once Patrick got home from work.  Yeah, unfortunately Patrick had to work in PA yesterday so he wasn't home for dinner so the kids and I had a romantic dinner of leftovers over candlelight. :-) {I swear whoever planned this meeting far away must have no Valentine.} During dinner we went around and talked about things they love. Kids have the best, not so deep answer.  Emma said she loves to watch something.  Which is a fact, that girl is always asking to watch something.  Aiden loves Mario and playing video games. And he decided that Aubrey loves drooling on her bib (I think that was it anyway.) Then they went around and said one thing that they love about each person in our house. Aiden: Aubrey-that she hugs him back when he gives her kisses on the face, Emma-that she plays with him, Daddy-that he plays games with him and gives him piggy back rides, Mommy-that she always gives him hugs and kisses.  Emma: Aiden-she loves his loves (?? She's 2 people!), Aubrey-she loves giving loves to her (see a theme here?), Daddy-she loves his hugs and kisses, Mommy-She loves my hugs and kisses too.  See they are sweet <3<3
Oh! Another thing we started (the first day of February) was a "heart attack" on the kids bedroom doors. Don't worry it's a good kind of heart attack.  We got little foam hearts and each night we wrote something else that we loved about the kids on a heart and hung in up so they could see it in the morning.
Overall it was a great day with lots of love!

Hope your day was as sweet as these little faces...

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