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Our Family
December 2013

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Aubrey's Getting Big

As of today Miss Aubrey is almost 7 months old.  Excuse me, did I really just write a 7?!?!?! I just realized this and now I'm having a mini panic attack. Friday, March 1st, she'll be 7 months.  How the hell did that happen already?!?!?

Here's my sweet pea hanging with Mommy as I type this.
Look at those cheeks! Aren't they kissable!? Muah!!

I mentioned that we recently moved her to her crib.  It was a pretty poopy start. Feel free to read  here if you missed it.  Since that day, it's been great! She wakes up earlier than she used to. In fact, the first couple of days she was up at 5:50 am.  Yeah, she'd come in have a bottle and eventually pass back out...just in time for the other kids to get up so Mommy & Daddy weren't sleeping anymore.
I'll take having her wake up early over middle of the night waking up any time.  She's been great about it. Fusses a little when you put her down and then she's out til morning.  When it comes to napping, the morning nap in the crib is about all we get a good stretch of.  The afternoon nap doesn't really happen in the crib because without fail when she falls asleep, it's time to pick Aiden up from school.

She also started crawling. She doesn't have it down completely, but she can get to things she wants to. And it's not the army crawl. She'll get up on her hands and knees and sort of launch herself forward, sometimes landing on her pretty little face! Eeeek! Slowly but surely she's starting to stay on her hands and knees and move them forward as she goes. (Here's a little video. It's not long, my phone cut off. Dumb phone! But you get the idea of what she's doing.)

Sunday (Feb. 24) she sat up all by herself! She's been super close for a while now, but she'll get stuck and then get angry.  I was sitting next to her when she was doing the trying to sit up by myself pose and I looked at Emma to tell her something.  When I turned back around to Aubrey, she was sitting all the way up.  Of course she did it when I wasn't looking! Stinker!!

She's getting so big!! Guess I'll be doing another post soon for 7 months! I still can't believe that!!

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  1. It goes so quickly doesn't it?

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