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Our Family
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Saturday, October 20, 2012

Fort Whaley Campground

It's official, camping season has most likely come to a close until spring time.  It just gets too darn cold out there with little ones and I like a campfire, but don't want to freeze my butt off to enjoy it.  Before we packed it in for the year, we decided to take one last camping trip last weekend.  It worked out perfect because Aiden had Friday off.

At this point in the season, it was tough to find somewhere that we'd want to go that wasn't too far away that would actually have something we could do during the day.  I remembered hearing about Frontier Town when I was younger and looked it up.  They had a campground and another place listed on the website that was called Fort Whaley and that's where we decided we'd go. Once I'd packed the entire house into the camper, we were on our way! (It's amazing the amount of stuff I needed to pack for just a couple days, but with 3 little ones, and one being 2 months...I like to be prepared for everything!)
Miss Aubrey couldn't take her eyes off of Aiden
It only took a little over an hour to get there, which was perfect because Aubrey probably wouldn't have made it made further without wanting to eat. Once there, Patrick did most of the setting up and I decided I'd take the kids down to the playground to get them out of his way.
 Here the kids are on the playground once Patrick met us there with the camera...
After playing on the little playground for awhile, we decided to walk down to the front of the campground to the big playground.
 Of course we had to stop along the way to get these pictures!
 They had this one right next to the playground.  And? It's probably the biggest boobs I ever had or will have. :-)
 Patrick wanted to play on the playground too.
 After playing for a little while we headed back to the our campsite to get the fire started so we could have dinner at a reasonable time.  That first night it was pretty darn chilly and very windy, which made us even colder!
It was getting a bit too chilly for this little lady so she hung in the camper
 And when it gets too cold for the kids to stand it outside anymore, what do you do? Watch cartoons of course!!
 Aiden decided to brave the coldness that first night so he could sit around the fire for a little bit and enjoy his version of a smore (graham crackers and just marshmallow).
 Saturday morning we all woke up, nice and early, but later than usual. Here's what goes on in the camper bright and early in the morning.
DS playing 
Bottle eating
And watching cartoons on Daddy's phone
 We went camping on a Halloween activity weekend and they had a site decorating competition.  We decided it would be fun for the kids if we did a few decorations, but we were nothing compared to what some sites did! 
Hanging out while Daddy decorates outside
 We were also parked very close to a pond. Apparently when it's warmer you can rent paddleboats and fish in the pond.  Aiden bugged us from the moment we arrived to go over and look at this pond.  Finally, we found the time to go.
 After watching the pond for a little bit, we headed back up to play a round of mini golf.  This is included for free with your stay.  Unlimited.  And once we got there we saw that it's free and they don't really care to take care of it. But, it was fun and we had the whole thing to ourselves so we didn't have to rush through anything. We had to stop by the main office to get our clubs and balls and they had more places for photo ops and you know I'm not about to pass those up!
 Time for golf!
 After golfing they had crafts for the kids to make. They could make a pumpkin notepad and a necklace.
 Later that day the kids got dressed up and headed out to walk around the campground to trick or treat.  They were pretty excited! And Emma is convinced that it's not, "trick or treat" but "Take your treats!" Hahaha! That girl is crazy!
 And after trick or treating or taking your treats as Em calls it, you have to have some candy!
 Then it was time for dinner and after that they had a "dance party" at the pavilion and a haunted barn right next to that.  At a certain time they had a none scary tour of the barn.  You could walk through and the people that would normally scare the crap out of you, just stood off to the side and handed out candy to the kids.  Yeah, I still didn't trust them, but I thought if Emma could walk through there, I could do it too.  They really did do an amazing job in there and it was probably the first time I've been in a haunted house in, well, maybe ever!  Aiden said that was his favorite part of camping, the haunted house.  :-) After touring the haunted house we checked out the dance party and there wasn't really any dancing but there were snacks and a dj that was playing very loud music.  Seriously.  I couldn't even take poor Aubrey in there because she would no longer be able to hear. Emma grabbed a chip and we decided we'd head back to the campsite so we could get the kids ready for bed and enjoy a campfire.
Are you ready to go see the haunted house, Aubrey?
Here was we do when we pass the time to go up to the haunted house...
Picture courtesy  of Aiden
I swear I wasn't drinking yet, but this picture made me laugh so hard when I saw it, how could I not include it?
As you can see, it was a great time! I can't wait to go back again! {I also have lots of pictures that I took on my phone, since that is always with me. I plan on doing just a post of those soon!}

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