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Our Family
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Monday, October 15, 2012

Aiden's First Field Trip

Last Monday, Aiden had his very first field to the firehouse.  I was lucky Patrick was able to work his schedule so he could take Aubrey up to her doctor's appointment and I could go with Aiden. (Sometimes it would be really nice if a mom could split herself into 2!)

Aiden was pretty excited about this trip, but I think he had a hard time understanding why he wasn't riding a bus to the firehouse.  It's only 2 blocks from the school so the kids walked. It worked out because the trip ended up being free!

They had everything fire related you could think of! The kids saw things that had been burned up in a fire, they had a demo machine where they could practice calling 911 (and I learned that we need to start practicing our phone number and address again).  They got to learn about and go into a firetruck, police car, and a tractor trailer.  He even let the kids honk the trucks honk to try and compete with the loudness of the police siren that kept going off.  They got to go into a "smoke house" to simulate what to do if they were in a building filled with smoke and watch a movie with popcorn! One of the big highlights was shooting water out of a real fire hose.  After seeing how amped up that made some of the kids, I'm sure their teachers were glad they kept that for last!

Overall, Aiden learned a lot and I had a great time spending the morning with him.  He even picked our meeting place if we ever have a fire here. (I know, we probably should have had one already, but we didn't.)

Getting anxious about having to "call" 911 in front of everyone 
Talking to 911 for practice
Climbing the ladder to get out of the smoke house 
Climbing down the ladder 
Climbing ladders is hard work 
Learning about what firemen wear
Sitting inside the firetruck 

Those police sirens are loud!!
Climbing into the tractor trailer
He took honking the horn very seriously!
Dear Lord, Please let this be the only time he's climbing out of the back of a police car! 
Waiting in line to squirt the hose! 
Listening to what to do 
Shooting the fire hose!
Probably the best part of the trip
So happy after squirting the hose 
Aiden's kindergarten class 

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