Our Family

Our Family
December 2013

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Sibling Love

I have to admit, I knew that Aiden would be the best big brother, he already is to Emma.  He constantly gives her lots of lovings, sometimes to the point of getting on her nerves, wants to always make sure she's ok, tries to cheer her up if she's sad, you know all the great points to having a big brother.  Don't get me wrong, sometimes they bicker, but 98% of the time, they get along great!

Emma was the one that I was worried about when Baby Aubrey arrived.  She tends to get a little jealous if we snuggle with Aiden and not her.  She makes sure to tell everyone, "That's my Mommy" or "That's my Daddy", sometimes she evens has to make sure that I know that, "That's my Bubby (aka Aiden)!" :-)

One of the best parts about having a newborn when you have other kids is watching their little faces when they come to meet their new brother or sister.  I swear, it melts your heart.  Here are some pictures from the hospital when the kids came to meet their new baby sister.
I wonder what he's thinking...
Emma got a little nervous when Aubrey moved and made a noise

And how's it been since Aubrey came home? Honestly?! Wonderful! Both of them are SO great with her! Emma doesn't have a fit when we're holding her.  Actually, they want to hold her all the time.  And? They are excellent helpers!  They'll get you a diaper, throw the diaper away, give Aubrey her binky, give her kisses if she's crying, help me shake up her bottles, etc.  I couldn't ask for anything more!

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