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Our Family
December 2013

Saturday, May 10, 2014

Emma ~ 4 Years Old

Dear Emma,

A few days ago you turned 4! Where as the time gone? I know it's certainly seemed to have passed by in the blink of an eye. You were asking every day when you woke up if it was your birthday for a couple weeks before your special day. You are so very excited to be getting bigger. I, on the other hand, would like for it to slow down...way down.  Four years old means only one more year home with Mommy before you're a really big girl and head off to kindergarten and surely in another blink of an eye, you'll be off to college. Maybe I'm getting ahead of myself, but it's what it seems like.
You are definitely a little mommy. You could run this house just like me if the need be and some days you certainly try. :-) You sometimes take the words right out of my mouth and it's kind of scary just how alike we think and act.  Daddy often says he feels like there's two of me in the house.  Hahaha! Poor Daddy! ;-) Some of the things you say, I have no idea where they come from, but they sure do put a smile on our faces and make us giggle often.  Gigi really gets a kick out of it! Sometimes the things that come out of your mouth are quotes from movies, but the timing of when you use them, is just perfect. And hilarious.  One day you and I were out to dinner and we were just chatting and you said to me, "So...Do you work out?"  Hahaha, just like a total pick up line.  Turns out that one was from Despicable Me 2.  Another time I showed you an old picture of Daddy from high school and you said something about it making your eyes well up with tears. That one's from Monsters University.  I'm thinking you might be an actress. Or you watch too much tv.  Probably a little of both!

You are quite sassy, but also very smart and so very sweet.  You are constantly giving us hugs and kisses and randomly telling us that you love us.  And boy do we love you, sweet girl.  You love Aiden and Aubrey SO much too. Aubrey wants to be with you all the time.  She loves to come over and give you hugs or sit on your head. You're so good with her.  Even when she's driving you nuts, you don't lose it with her, well, not too much. And Aiden? You say is your best friend. <3 You two love playing Minecraft together.  I still don't know how you understand what to do on that game because I still don't get it, but you love playing it by yourself and with Aiden. If Aiden is home from school, you are or want to be right there by his side!
You love to do many things! Some of your favorites are arts and crafts, reading, drawing pictures, playing with your tablet and leappad, playing outside, watching tv and movies and playing with Aiden and Aubrey. You just finished your first swimming class last night (5/6/14).  You LOVED it and weren't afraid of the water at all.  Ms. Michele (your teacher) said you were an excellent back floater and were really good at kicking your legs.  You liked playing with the noodles and floating balls the best.  You love to help Mommy cook in the kitchen when you can. You are one of the best cookie and cake dough stirrers that I know! Some of your favorite foods right now are hot dogs, cheesestrings, popsicles, chocolate, french fries, and "chicken balls" (popcorn chicken) from walmart.  Your favorite restaurant is Grotto's (according to you) and that's where we went to dinner on your birthday to eat.  Your favorite things to watch right now are Princess Sofia, Doc McStuffins, and princess movies, like Aladdin and Tangled.
We went to doctor on your birthday because you weren't feeling well and unfortunately you had strep throat...on your birthday! What a rotten present! But we found out that you are almost 40 lbs! I told you, you are growing so fast!

One of your favorite people to hang out with is Gigi!  Boy, do you love Gigi! And she loves you right back.  She always says there's just something about you.  And there really is, you are simply one of the best.  I feel so extremely lucky that I was chosen to be your mommy!!  I love you soooo much, Emma Cheryl! I can't wait to see what you discover and grow into as the year passes...just not to quickly, okay?

I love you!!


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