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Our Family
December 2013

Monday, April 22, 2013

Easter 2013

This year Aiden was super excited about Easter.  I'm not quite sure why. Seriously. He talked about it and counted down like it was Christmas.  Maybe it was because with Easter came spring break? Maybe because he thinks the Easter Bunny is awesome?  Maybe he thinks the Easter egg hunt at Ms. Susan's is the best? Whatever it was, he was super excited and that made Emma excited too.

As usual we waited until Friday night to dye our Easter eggs.  Why do those things have to stink up the house to badly?? Gross!!

This year I got a regular kit to dye the eggs and one that you painted them with a roller.  The roller one...super messy and then they were sticky and weird afterward.  Note to self...stick to what you know!  Aubrey didn't understand the big deal and wasn't really happy until she could be picked up.

There they are. The finished product.  Aren't they beautiful? :-)

On Easter morning we always come down, check out what the Easter Bunny left in their baskets and then we find the eggs we dyed that the Easter Bunny hid.

After all the real eggs are found and we throw them away because nobody wants to eat them the kids look for plastic, goodie filled eggs that Patrick and I have hidden for them.  We also give them a little gift each from us. (Yes, our kids are spoiled, but we can't help it.)
After all that excitement and watching Wreck It Ralph 52 times, we had to get ready to go to the big Easter egg hunt at my aunt's sister's house.  She has a huge hunt every year and we really look forward to it. Of course, before we can leave the house, while everyone is still pretty, I need to take 2939840398 pictures! :-)
And then off to the egg hunt we went.  This year it was FREEZING and super windy which didn't help with it being freezing!! It's usually warmer by Easter so the girls wear dresses.  Poor little legs! At least the little ones had tights on. Me on the other hand? Nope. At least my legs quickly went numb so I didn't notice just how cold they were.  We usually take our time and another 293749 pictures. Not this year.  This year it was get in, get your eggs, open them and see the treasures, and get back in your warm car to go to somewhere with heat!!
When we were finished at the egg hunt, it was off to my grandmother's for dinner. And warmth.  Thank goodness for the warmth.  It took a couple hours for the feeling to come back to my frozen legs. :-)
 Overall, it was a great day! The kids had tons of fun! I'm sure Aiden is already counting down until next year! I just hope it's warmer!!

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