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December 2013

Friday, March 15, 2013

Aubrey Grace: 7 Months

So I'm only 2 weeks late...not too bad! Especially since I kind of did an update not long ago.  You can read that here if you'd like, but some of it will be included now.

7 months old. Closer to 1 year old, than not. That just kills me.  Don't get me wrong, I LOVE watching her grow and get her own little personality and see her discover new things every day, but I'd be lying if I said I didn't miss that bitty baby that used to love to snuggle and would lay in my arms all day.

Now? Psh, she's got places to be and things to do.

She is crawling everywhere and getting into everything! Her favorite things to do now that she can crawl is go over to the book basket and yank them out and to crawl over to the blinds in the kitchen and grab and pull on them (in fact as I type this that's what she's doing).  She also loves snagging all the toys that Aiden and Emma leave on the floor.  Currently her favorite? Emma's new yo-yo. Who knew that that cheap little toy could provide such entertainment for the 7 month old?! And I know it's only a matter of time before she discovers how fun it is to climb on the stairs.  I better figure out where that gate is now!

On Sunday (March 10), we were all upstairs and Patrick had put Aubrey in her crib while we were doing something.  Aiden went into her room and yelled to us that she was standing up.  I just knew that he was lying, he tries to trick us all the time.  So I went in and she was standing up, holding onto her crib. She was so excited and proud of herself, bouncing up and down with big gummy smiles. I still didn't believe Aiden. I told him that he had to have helped her up, he swore he didn't so I sat her down.  It took her a few minutes to figure it out, but sure enough, she pulled herself right back up again.  Now she tries to pull up on everything. Your lap, toys, toy bins, book bins, the sliding glass door. Like I said, it's only a matter of time before she's up on those steps.

Other things she loves besides crawling and pulling up on things, her brother and sister.  The smiles and squeals that those two get? Melts a parent's heart.  She loves bath time, bottle time, being outside, chewing on socks. Hers, Emma's, she doesn't care. If she finds them, best believe she's eating them! She loves checking herself out in the mirror too. I don't blame her, she is pretty cute! Another favorite thing to do is pull hair and try to rip your face off.  I'm warning you, if you let her get close...it's coming!

She still does a great job in the crib.  She'll whine a little bit occasionally, but usually if you lay her down on her belly, she's usually happy.  She goes down at night around 8 and usually sleeps until 6:30ish.  Not too bad. :-)

She's a pretty good eater too, though new foods aren't always her favorite.  They tend to bring lots of gags and shaking her head no.  Currently she'll have a 6 oz bottle as soon as she wakes up, then a baby food breakfast a little bit after. For lunch she'll have a stage 2 fruit and vegetable. Then about mid afternoon, another 6 oz bottle. At dinner she'll eat a stage 2 dinner and usually about half of a stage 2 "dessert", then bedtime another 6 oz bottle.  I feel like I feed her all day long, but she seems happy and the doctor told us to focus more on food than the bottle so it works for us.

She still doesn't have any teeth yet, but I swear they've been trying to come in for months now.  She drools like crazy all the time and bites on everything! Hopefully, they'll get through sometime soon!

Overall, she's such a good baby.  She likes who she knows and cries if someone she doesn't know gets too close. Usually she's okay if one of us is holding her, but if she's in her stroller and a stranger gets too close, watch out! We had to go to event at Aiden's school last week and that happened no less than 3 or 4 times.  :-) She takes after her mommy! :-)

Her unofficial weight is 19.6 lbs.  Probably not exact being I put her, while dressed, sitting on the scale in the bathroom.  Hey, it worked for me! And she's about 28 inches, give or take a little because I measured her while she was all wiggly and trying to get away on the kitchen floor!

I can't wait to see what's next for her!

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